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Why you should take pride in your appearance in 2018


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Since we are in the midst of 'diet-pocalypse' this January, I've seen countless articles telling women and men about the endless health kicks they could try or 'that new abs blaster that targets pigs in blankets!'

These articles appear as a warning to all of us that we've been doing life all wrong and you're probably thinking this article will be no different.

But no. 

I am not about to tell you to lose weight or wear more makeup or to stop eating everything in your fridge.   

Instead, I'm about to give my two pence to the topic of pride in your appearance being a top priority.

Confidence comes in all forms

Ain't that the truth! Some people feel confident when they're wearing a certain top or a certain shade of lipstick, and some people feel confident after going to the gym. As a beauty lover myself, I feel like I feel my best when I'm wearing a bit of slap - it makes me feel good. So please remember if that's something that makes you feel good, then rock it! 

Looking after yourself is so important

This one is for those of you on a health kick this January. You obviously care about your appearance a lot because you're trying to better yourself! Good!You want to be healthy, so you must take pride in that appearance of yours!

Exercise, hydration and diet all affect your outsides as well as your inside - not to mention how they elevate your mood! Make yourself into the happiest, healthiest person you know and it will show through to others! 

To be perceived as more professional

Now, we all do this.

When we have an interview or a networking event, we don't turn up in our pyjamas and think we'll get the job, do we?

No. No matter how many times we thought we should.

So why not treat your life like every day is an opportunity? Stride into life every day like it's a job interview and it will elevate your pride in yourself and your abilities.

So in conclusion, please try to take pride in that body and mind of yours - you only have one and it should be celebrated!

And of course, if you're ever feeling little down, read this quote I found while researching this article, which says it best...

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