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The Biggest Hair Trends for 2018


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The new year is a symbolic date for many. Whether embarking on new resolutions or trying to embrace a new mindset, something about the turn of the year just feels fresh.
For many, hair is also symbolic of positive change. From shaking off a bad relationship to changing things up for a new job, a fresh haircut has the potential to transform you, both physically and, in some ways, mentally. 
So to help rejuvenate your hair and your emotional 'self', here are the top hair trends to not only watch out for in 2018 but be brave enough to put to the test. 
2018 seems to be the year where self-love and the rejection of 'beauty standards' really takes shape. Therefore, it's time to strip things back and embrace the hair that naturally grows from your head.
Keep the curls
For years, curly girls repressed their natural waves and swore by their hair straighteners. Thankfully, more and more people are embracing their natural volume and texture. Not only are curls totally unique to the head they grow upon, but they’re highly sought after by those not lucky enough to grow them naturally.
Due to their unruly nature and no doubt the torture they’ve been put through, 2018 is the year to put down the hair straighteners. Rich conditioning treatments will restore them back to their glory and you’ll be able to wear your curls with pride once more.
Naturally straight hair? Invest in a good beach spray and use it to damp your hair before braiding overnight.
Messy Braids

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Whether you’re partial to a fishtail or a standard plait, braids are back in a big way. After you’ve finished braiding, tease them out with your fingers. This creates a voluminous, effortless look that is so easy to achieve.
A fun alternative to a full-on plait could be seen at Jill Stuart’s S/S runway show. Odile Gilbert, the genius behind the look, loosely curled the model's hair and weaved two small plaits by each ear. Bohemian and feminine, it’s easy to look like the embodiment of summer all year round.
The Carmen Marc Valvo show also showcased gorgeous braids that sat atop of waved hair, which were both practical and pretty.

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Side Partings

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Well moisturised, healthy side partings were all over the 2018 S/S runways. Middle parts are over-tired and lost their ‘quirk’ by the end of 2017. Reverting back to the classic side parting was super popular, seen at Zimmerman, Adam Selman and Oscar de la Renta.
Full (but thin) fringes
Fringes fell out of favour for a while, making way for 'gringes' and centre partings. However, they’re going to be back in 2018, in a subtle but very certain way. 
Thin choppy fringes, that tickle your brows, are set to be the in-demand chop of the year. Team with a messy bob for a chic but simple frame.  
Chilly silvers and mermaid blues are so last year. 2018 is all about warmth and cosy hair colours.
Dirty Blonde
Goodbye platinum, hello golden goodness. Having bleached my hair to near death as a naturally dirty blonde (or dishwasher blonde, as a friend of mine so affectionately referred to it), I could not welcome this trend more. 
After the last couple years of exhausting all things rainbow and unicorn, the upkeep has lost its appeal. BLEACH London pioneer Alex Brownsell reckons that “golden shades with warmer tones all over is the new platinum.” 
Chocolate brown
Warm chocolate is also due to make a comeback. With balayage and beach highlights retired for the cold months, brunettes can rejoice in their chocolatey goodness.
Going from blonde to brown by yourself? Make sure you’ve injected a little bit of red pigment into your hair beforehand. Look for warm bases, and avoid cool tones. If you don’t add some warmth beforehand, your hair will, inevitably, turn a murky green in certain lights.
Still a fan of funky colours? Like the other colour trends, opt for a warm rose or peach shade. BLEACH London’s rose shampoo is perfect for subtly toning your hair, with low-maintenance and upkeep. 
Muted tones are favourable over pastels, as they’re easier to pair with various style statements, such as your wardrobe or jewellery, without detracting from them.

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