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The 6 trends we're happy to leave in 2017


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The shops are beginning to fill with their new-season stock, capturing the best from the catwalks for 2018. The only things left from last year are currently languishing on lonely sale rails, desperate for somebody, anybody, to take a chance on them.

But fashion is a fickle thing, and last years' Yeezys are this years' Uggs. 2017 will be remembered for many things, but here a few of the fashion faux pas that we're hoping won't be hanging around for very much longer.

Socks and sandals

Socks with sandals

The arguments for these make complete sense to me: socks are fun, shoes sometimes rub, pedicures are time-consuming.

But I just cannot get away from the fact that since time immemorial, socks and sandals have been the sign of the anti-fashionista, the person who just does not care about fashion.

What's more, wearing socks with your sandals utterly negates the point of sandals in the first place. If it's hot enough for sandals, it's definitely too hot for socks, because who really wants to smell that on their summer holiday? 

Oversized sleeves

These are one of those things that look brilliant on a catwalk or in a magazine. They add drama and pizzazz to an otherwise mundane outfit.

They also require their own personal assistant to ensure they don't get trapped in lift doors and eating soup becomes impossible unless you want to be wearing it for the rest of the day.

It's nice that sleeves have had a moment to be ridiculous, as I expect they sometimes get a bit envious of necklines and hemlines, but this is one trend that could definitely be toned down for 2018.

Cold-shoulder and off-the-shoulder anything

Off the shoulder top

The moment I knew this trend had gone too far was when I saw a chunky-knit jumper with no shoulders and wondered who on earth was cold enough to need woollen coverings everywhere but their shoulders.

It has been a year of watching tops and dresses become ever more gravity-defying, despite the fact that drawing a horizontal line across a woman at that particular point has never been overly flattering.

Time to give these tops the cold-shoulder themselves and wrap up warm - at least until summer.


Surely these are the Crocs of 2017? At one point in the summer, it was easier to count people not wearing sliders than those who were, which is impressive for the kind of shoes more commonly seen in prison showers.

Somehow making flip-flops seem almost elegant, sliders kill any outfit stone-dead. Keep them for the poolside in 2018, not for the high-street - and definitely don't wear socks with them.

Statement jeans

The MVP of everybody's wardrobe had a mid-life crisis in 2017 and decided to become completely unwearable.

Whether ripped to shreds, with transparent knees or zips in places that really didn't need zips, jeans went through a particularly ugly period last year, making wearing 'jeans and a nice top' for a night out, impossible.

Hopefully in 2018, jeans will remember their place and become, once again, the neutral go-to item for almost all occasions.

Shoes without socks

Shoes with no socks

Finally, one just for men (and yes, I know it seems like I have very strong opinions about footwear). How we've got to a place where people are wearing socks with sandals and sliders, but not with actual bonafide shoes is a question to contemplate throughout 2018.

In the meantime, let's just remember what socks are actually for: to provide a barrier between shoe and foot. Without them, well, let's just hope these guys are investing heavily in Odour Eaters.

I've seen more male ankles than enough over the past year and I can safely say that shoes look better with their partners-in-crime. With Christmas just gone, everybody is surely drowning in socks, so no excuses, boys. Give socks a chance.

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