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1 in 6 young people won't wear the same outfit twice


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Scrolling through your Instagram feed, it can be hard to not feel envious of celebrity and influencer wardrobes.

Their lives seem to be a dream - getting paid to promote amazing clothing brands and never having to worry about outfit repeating - a very real problem for the modern man and woman.

And now, with camera phones glued to the palms of our hands we find ourselves getting tagged in photos once, twice, maybe three times a week. And that fear of having it look like you haven't washed your clothes between wears has made outfit repeating a real social media crime.

Now, new research has come to show that 1 in 6 people swear to never wear the same outfit on social media more than once.

The research, carried out by environmental charity Hubbub exposed that 41% of all 18-25-year-olds feel the pressure to wear a new outfit every time they go out. When the report focuses on girls & women, that rises to a staggering 47%.

The survey, which comprised of 1000 18-25-year-olds, revealed that nearly 80% of them are influenced by social media when it comes to their style. As expected, Instagram tops the list, with Facebook (40%), youtube (37%), Snapchat (35%) and Twitter (15%) respectively falling behind.

Youtube hauls were watched by 30% of people asked, which raises concerns over the unattainable lifestyle that is being promoted via social media. The stars and influencers who regularly update their feeds with #ootd pics are most likely being paid to promote the brand featured or at least gifted them in return for the post.

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This is particularly worrying as 1 in 10 of the study group has borrowed money to keep in with news trends. Schemes such as Asos’s new ‘pay later’ payment option have been criticised, as it had been seen as accelerating this issue.

Despite this, 61% of the survey group said they had bought second hand, whether that be from a charity shop, depop or vintage store. Reassuring figures considering the vast amount of waste produced by clothing industry - 300,000 tonnes of garments are thrown away yearly by us Brits - with a staggering third of this being 'barely worn.' Ouch.

To find out more about Hubbub and how you can join #BrightFriday, click here

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