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My Style Hero: Leandra Medine


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On Team Fashion & Beauty here at The National Student, we pride ourselves on our wide range of styles and have decided to create a weekly lean in for each of us to get a chance to show you our Style Heroes.

Of course, when the question was posed to me I already knew who I saw as my ultimate hero in life and especially in style. 

The incomparable Leandra Medine, Founder of the site Man Repeller. 

Leandra Medine created Man Repeller back in 2010 and three days after it's fruition the site was featured on Refinery29 - every journalist's dream right? 

Fast-forward to present day, Medine is known across the fashion industry for her garish and loud 'man-repelling' style as well as her humorous writing. 

Why do I love her?

I personally am obsessed with her unapologetic love of designer clothing and confidence when it comes to wearing 'crazy' outfits like clashing prints or her ability to make any garment look effortlessly high fashion and super chic. 

Handbags!!!!! Why wear one when you can have two?

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I also adore her love of bright, eccentric costume jewellery and big earrings - something I've incorporated into my own wardrobe. 

Growing summer stack (and some hair)

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How has she inspired me?

If I take this question at face value, I would have to say that Leandra has inspired me to incorporate more loud colours into my wardrobe and that a big earring saying 'HELLO' in gold is a perfect conversation starter.

However, if we're going to get deep, I think that Leandra's style has taught me to be less afraid of what people will think and to embrace my style for what it is - not perfect. There I said it, even in this job I sometimes get it wrong! Although Leandra's outfits may make some people cringe, I think my favourite part of her style is that she is unapologetically herself. 

Who is your style hero? Let me know! 

Follow Leandra's Instagram here 

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