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Are you using the right hairbrush for your hair?


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Are you someone who finds themselves end up yanking clumps of hair out every time you brush, or else getting left with a knotted mess when the bristles aren't long enough? (yes, I’m looking at you, travel-sized Tangle Teezer).

Yes, finding the perfect hairbrush can be tricky. But there is a perfect brush out there for every hair type. 

Whether your hair is thick and curly or fine and straight, this list should help you get the best out of your locks.

For fine, short hair, try:

A plastic vent brush. You’ll definitely have seen these going for a pound in the pharmacy.

Vent brushes are small, rectangular brushes with widely spaced plastic bristles - probably what your mum used to scrape your hair back when you were a kid. However, they are actually very useful for shorter haircuts. If you’re rocking a pixie cut or a short bob, the plastic vent brush easily detangles and styles hair, while eliminating any frizz.

A good example is the vented styling brush from Boots Essentials. At only £3, the brush is great if you’re on a budget, and will work just as well as more pricey vent brushes.

For thick, curly hair, try:

A paddle brush. If you want a sleeker, straighter look, a paddle brush has a larger surface area, with tightly packed bristles to smooth and straighten hair without damaging it with irons.

It’s not a great idea to use a paddle brush for detangling - this will end in tears (trust me). Instead, try a wide-tooth comb on wet hair, and use a paddle brush when blow-drying. The paddle brush will give you a salon-fresh shine to your hair without excessive styling. The Body Shop offer a bamboo paddle brush which helps to distribute natural oils around the hair, for just £8.

Alternatively, if you’re not angling for straight hair, go for a round bristle brush. These help to keep volume when blow-drying, and you can get a nice curl at the ends. GHD offer a ceramic vented radial brush which is great for longer hair, and the ceramic retains enough heat that blow-drying will go quicker - meaning more time to lie-in!

For hair which knots easily, try:

A Tangle Teezer. These are all over the place at the moment, and for good reason.

Tangle Teasers are compact, easy to hold, and promise to get rid of all your knots (muscle tension knots not included, sorry). You can use the brush on wet or dry hair, and they’re perfect for basically any hair type. For longer hair, Tangle Teezer also offer a larger handled brush - although be wary of using this on fine hair, since it’s quite a hard plastic that can scrape your scalp.

Look Fantastic are currently stocking sets of both an ordinary Tangle Teezer and the larger brush for £25 - a bargain considering what each are individually priced, and great for a stocking filler!

For wavy hair, try:

This crazy wonder ball brush from Mark Hill. The brush is actually in the shape of a ball - if you want natural, beachy waves, just twist damp hair into a loose curl with this brush. You’ll get lift at the roots and gentle ringlets.

The brush has anti-static bristles, and it’s only £9.99 - if you want more volume, pair it with a saltwater shampoo. Who doesn’t want to pretend they’re at the beach in winter, anyway?

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