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This teenage artist cut up men’s boxer shorts and shirts to create a unique kimono


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A teenage artist has gone viral after she created a kimono made from cut-up men’s boxer shorts and shirts in honour of her heritage.

Maya Caulfield, 18, is half Scottish and Japanese and hand-stitched the traditional garment over a week using tartan material.

The kimono hanging up
(Maya Caulfield)

Caulfield said she picked up most of the boxers and shirts from thrift shops in Denver, Colorado, where she is from, and Mount Vernon, Washington – and “washed them thoroughly” before cutting them into rectangles for the week’s worth of work.

“I’ve been sewing my own clothes for years,” Caulfield told the Press Association. “So I would just sit and watch TV and hand-sew at night and it went by pretty quickly.

“My cultural heritage is very important to me, so I would like to think it influences all the art I make, but this is the most blatant crossover to date.”

Caulfield’s kimono – the word derives from the Japanese for “wearing” and “thing”, according to Oxford Dictionaries – went viral when she posted photos of it to Reddit, where it has attracted more than 129,000 upvotes.

Maya in the kimono looking into the distance
(Maya Caulfield)

Caulfield says she could see herself working as a production or costume designer in the future, but knows “art will always be involved” in her life somehow.

“I’m still exploring my options for the future by travelling around and taking life experiences and turning it into art,” she said. “Right now I’m working on sewing my Halloween costume, but I can’t work on anything too big as I’m moving to New York City in two weeks!”

If you’d like to keep your eyes peeled for that Halloween costume, you can check out Caulfield’s Reddit account here.

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