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8 easy makeup designs to recreate this Halloween


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Away with the phantom masks and those ragged cats ears, you know you're not scaring anyone!

With the rise of Instagram make-up artists, there’s an abundance of fresh Halloween inspo out there, and absolutely no excuses for hiding behind a mask. 

Here’s a rundown of some of our favourite looks - and lucky for you, they’re pretty easy to recreate.

Pennywise, It

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Last year was all about this killer crown craze, this year is all about killer clown costumes. With the hugely popular remake of It fresh in our minds, prepare to see Pennywise round every corner this Halloween.

Make-up Revolution have released a faceprint palette in their Halloween collection, perfect for this look. 

Neon Skeleton

Fresh the skeleton look by making it neon - it’s simpler than it looks! Simply use a bright colour to roughly outline the shape of the bones. Then, use a white eyeliner pencil to carefully draw the bone details on.

And, for a slightly more intense outline, try this liquid white liner from NYX. 

Eleven, Stranger Things

With the premiere of season two just around the corner, this is the perfect costume for any Netflix lover. If you’re not bold enough to shave your head, opt for the blonde wig and pink dress look she wore. Complete with a box of Eggos and a bloody nose.

You can get fake blood in most supermarkets during the run-up to Halloween. 

Wednesday Addams

This is a classicly spooky look that somehow never goes out of style.

Really enhance your costume by using black eyeshadow to imitate an exaggerated heart-shaped hairline.

Fortune Teller

A super vibrant an fun look you could do for this Halloween is that of a fortune teller. There are countless tutorials online, with many choosing to draw a third eye on their forehead. For a more simple alternative, try a crescent moon or a cross.

Get your shimmer with NYX Glitter, available in 12 different colours.


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Can decide which side of purgatory you belong on? Then this look is for you. Subtle, but easy to achieve. Try using a red lipstick for the detailing on the Devil side - it’s a lot bolder and has more staying power.

This deep shade from Rimmel's Kate Moss collection is sure to help you harness your darker side. 


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Channel your inner Captain Jack. Similar to the fortune teller, it’s quite easy to switch between the two looks - perfect for multiple events over the Halloween period. 

Complete with facial tattoos using an off-black liquid liner. (Top Tip: try using a deep navy to create a tattoo which looks discoloured with age). 

Blood liner

Wings so sharp they could cut you - literally. Use a sharp lip liner pencil to trace out your wing and fill in with a thin brush and liquid lip. For an extra daring look, use your thin brush to drip fake blood from the wing and let it drop down to your cheek.

Use the same liquid lip for both your liner and lips for a pulled together look. This particular shade from Lime Crime, will be sure to give you a dramatic finish. 

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