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High-street Halloween


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You'll dress up in some pretty interesting outfits, eat your body weight in sweets and jump at the smell of chocolate. Yepp, Halloween is the basically the Autumn-equivalent of Christmas. 

However, while traditions and consistency are often a huge part of Christmas, Halloween is a time for originality and innovation.

You don't have to spend £40 on an extravagant costume to look great. Sometimes less is more, and there's no rulebook that says you can't just revamp your everyday style for the occasion. 

This Halloween, we're keeping it fashionable and we're keeping it sweet and cheap and all easily accessible on the high street. 

Check out our favourites below! #SquadGhouls

Graphic Bra Tees - Missguided - £10.00

I'm a total sucker for graphic t-shirts, and while these two are perfect for a subtle festive look, they'll look just as great in two months time as part of your day-to-day wardrobe. What better way to incorporate Halloween into your style than with these daily essentials.

It's becoming increasingly popular for women to scrap their bras, so allow this to be the compromise for those that hate the feel, but love the look. 

Shop the look! - Pumpkin Bra // Cobweb Bra

Angel // Devil Bodysuits - PrettyLittleThing - £12.00

Fancy dress with your friends is so much better when you coordinate. Slay in style at every party this season with the knowledge that your bestie is looking just as fierce as you.

No need to compete when you're this in sync. While you might be polar opposites on Santa's 'naughty and nice' list, the only conflict you'll face here is over who gets to wear the adorable fluffy halo. 

Shop the look! - Angel // Devil

Skeleton Earrings // Pumpkin Choker - New Look - £4.99 // £2.99

No matter how finished your costume might look, there's always room for another accessory or two. Alternatively, maybe costumes aren't your thing but you still wanna get in on some of the festive fun.

These two are super adorable and super fun and are subtle enough to spook up your lecture in the morning while spooking out the bouncer in the evening (or probably the morning too actually).

Shop the look! - Skeleton Earrings // Pumpkin Choker

Ghost // Pumpkin Print Bodycon Skirts - Boohoo - £5.00 // £6.00

I'll wear printed skirts all year round, even if they're covered with pumpkin. These two from Boohoo though are easily the best-themed ones I've seen so far. Not only are the prints beautifully designed and vibrant, they also work so well as stand-alone statements that a costume wouldn't be necessary. 

Shop the look! - Ghosts // Pumpkins

Super Scary Slogan Tees - Nasty Gal - £15.00

Ghosts and zombies? Nah... Real nightmares comes in the form of a rent deadline and a phone with 6,000 photos. These slogan tees put a wonderfully lazy and totally relevant spin on what a real scary shirt should say.

Lucky for you, their simple designs allow them to coordinate with pretty much anything. Furthermore, rent worries aren't specific to Halloween so neither should these shirts.

These are currently on sale for 2 for £20 (£10 saving) so stock up fast!

Shop the look! - Rent // Storage Almost Full

Printed Flared Trousers - PrettyLittleThing - £18.00

I thought flares were reserved for cheesy disco nights at clubs, but apparently, I was mistaken. While I'm usually much more drawn towards fitted pieces, these loose festive flares are too adorable to overlook.

Paired with a chunky platform heel and monochrome crop, these trousers are perfect for those buzzing for Halloween but prefer fierce over funny. 

Shop the look! - Spiders //Crosses

Saint V Sinner Sheer Polka Dot Dresses - Topshop - £48.00

Add a touch of glamour to Halloween this year with these matching polka dot dresses. If the angel/devil bodysuits weren't your cup of tea, embrace your inner princess and grab a gown instead. If the heaven and hell theme is something you still fancy trying though, don't worry, you can still wear a fluffy halo with these too.

Three parties in one week and a tiny budget? Add a pair of coordinating wings for an angelic look on Monday, Minnie mouse ears for Tuesday, and a shredded brides veil for Wednesday...Halloween? Sorted.

Shop the look! - White // Black

Let us know which are your favourites in the comments!

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