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Beauty Gurus you should be watching right now


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The popularity of social media platforms such as YouTube has skyrocketed in the past few years, with more and more people signing up to create videos on their personal YouTube channels.

Even more so, the beauty industry has exploded; with thousands of makeup tutorials, skincare routines and reviews being plastered over the platform daily. So, instead of spending hours scrolling through YouTube trying to find beauty gurus that you like - we’ve done it for you! Here are six beauty and fashion YouTubers we think you’ll love:

Sophie Foster

First up is 19-year-old, Sophie Foster. Her unique and creative videos will have you glued to the screen. One example is her album inspired makeup look series, in which she uses a specific singer’s album as inspiration for an eyeshadow look- imaginative, right? She also talks openly about sexuality, relationships and love which is a bonus, to say the least!


Chloe Morton

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Considering she is a makeup artist and has her own eyelash company (Sassy Lashes)-  this girl knows all things makeup…and knows it well! Chloe mainly posts makeup tutorial videos on her channel- showcasing her latest makeup looks and creations. Ranging from gory SFX style looks to bright, intricate festival looks- is there anything she can’t do? If you want to learn how to apply your makeup like a pro- hop on over to her channel.



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At just 14 years old, Yaz is verified on YouTube and has racked up over 220k subscribers! Known for her flawless makeup tutorials varying from extravagant cut crease eyeshadow looks to natural, simple everyday looks- there’s something for everyone on this young beauty guru’s channel! 


Having just been named as Rimmel London’s first ever male ambassador, Lewys is proving every gender stereotype wrong. His carefree and confident attitude has got him far- with over 200k subscribers to his name as well as a bunch of brand recognition under his belt. His channel really is a breath of fresh air.

Olivia Jade

1 million kisses for 1 million of you guys. Thank you so much for the love on my YouTube channel. We did it!

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This American beauty recently hit one million subscribers, and we think it’s clear why. Her channel is full to the brim with fashion inspiration, tips and tricks surrounding makeup and skincare, as well as weekly ‘follow me around’ style vlogs. Olivia is sure to hook you up with the latest ‘how’s’ and ‘what’s’ in the beauty and fashion industry.


The top spot goes to the well-deserved 'sophdoesnails'! Having recently collaborated with big name brand ‘Makeup Revolution’ on her very own eyeshadow and highlight palette- Soph is one to watch. She has over 400k subscribers on her main channel, as well as over 30k on her vlogging channel. During the past couple of years, Soph has branched out to creating makeup videos as well as nail art videos which have proved extremely popular on the platform- with her ‘Boyfriend chooses my makeup’ video earning a whopping 1.3M views so far! If you haven’t already, we recommend you check out her channel and see for yourself!

Do you have any gurus that you love? Let us know!


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