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Fashion edit: the leather look


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Wearing leather has always felt like a pretty daring statement, and I doubt that I'm the first to shy away from it. 

Leather doesn't face the same seasonal boundaries as, say velvet does for the Christmas period, though it does see a particular pull towards the AW season.

Like heavy denim and rough wool, leather is an absolute essential in Fall fashion, and after searching the online high-street for this seasons best, it's safe to say leather will be a solid base for many of my outfits in these coming months - did I really just say that?

Here are 8 of my favourite finds!

Yellow Leather-Look Mini Skirt – New Look - £19.99

Yellow Leather? Hmm. Regardless of how unappealing it sounds in writing, it happens to make a really cute skirt.

Leather/leather-look A-lines have this incredible ability to merge casual, formal and sexy all into one, genuinely effortless piece. Relaxed office attire can be so much fun to experiment with, and leather skirts are a great way to maintain that formality, whilst bringing in new textures, colours and materials.

And as for what you wear with it, I guarantee you won’t find an outfit that works with a basic bodycon skirt, that won’t also work with a basic leather A-line. Chances are, it’ll improve it. Let this gorgeous mustard piece prove me right.

Dark Grey PU Biker Jacket – Prettylittlething - £40.00

Finding a leather jacket that isn’t overwhelmed by studs and random accessories is about as rare as finding trousers in H&M that are true to their size.

While the outfit PLT have paired with the jacket is questionable, the jacket itself was by far my favourite from the hundreds I filtered through during my search.

As we transition into autumn, this grey biker is the embodiment of resourceful fashion this Fall.

Double Brown Leather Bracelet – Pandora - £45.00

I actually got this bracelet for Christmas a couple of years ago, yet somehow I still wear it all the time.

Not only does this work as an adorable bracelet, it also doubles up as the cutest choker you’ll ever own.

Earthy browns harmonise with every autumnal tone you’ll find in your closet, so if you want an accessory that’ll beautify any outfit, here’s your new go-to.

Leather Strap Watch – H&M - £24.99

I’m so fussy with watches that I barely ever buy them. A watch is something you’re going to want to wear every day, so it’s crucial that it’ll be compatible with the rest of your wardrobe, at least for a season or two.

While it’s easy to stick to black and white, this light grey and peach combo is too pretty to turn away from.Grey is neutral enough to survive every seasonal transition, and the peach is almost begging to be paired with another pastel to compliment it… Not that you’d ever need an excuse to wear pastels of course.

AMAZE Boxy Shoulder Bag – Topshop - £29.00

The fashion industry has always had this weird obsession with making bags incredibly impractical but making them look nice enough that we buy them anyway.

Exhibit A.

I’m not even going to pretend I don’t want this. C’mon it’s lilac and could at least hold your phone, a few pens and those weird over-sized body sprays people insist on having in their bags nowadays.

Nude Faux Leather Eyelet Lace Side Shorts – Missguided - £20.00

The lace-up legging trend was one I originally couldn’t wait to see fade, but these shorts are making me reconsider. Maybe it’s the tucked blouse, or maybe just how this model is working the combo, but there’s something about these shorts that I’ve totally fallen for.

With subtle tailoring at the waist and the laced-up sides adding a touch of chaos to the hems, these shorts will upgrade any outfit, regardless of the occasion.

Further, enhance the look by pairing with a similar-style blouse. Don’t hold back when it comes to accessorising, but stick to a monochrome palette.

Light Grey Leather Loafers – New Look - £27.99

I don’t really know when it happened, but at some point, casual loafers took over from ballerina flats as the new daily go-to in footwear.

Not only do they actually look nice, but they sit on the fence between casual and formal, meaning you can slip them on before a lecture, or smarten them up with a blazer for an interview.

While flats were never made for the winter, at least take some comfort in the fact that the leather allows for a little weather-proofing. 

New Era Blush Pink 9Forty Leather Look Cap – ASOS - £9.00

I’ve never really looked good in hats, but if there was ever a hat I really wanted to look good in, it would be this baby pink cap from New Era.

Like with the mustard skirt, leather hats were never something I imagined as a good combination, but clearly, I was mistaken.

Hopefully, you’re a hat person and can pull it off, but even if you’re not, remind yourself you’ll look great regardless and wear it anyway.

Let us know your leather favourites in the comments! 

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