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Eyebrow Art: it's harder than it looks


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It’s no secret that when it comes to makeup, I like to play it safe. As somebody who considers it adventurous to wear a flick of black eyeliner, eyebrow art has never been something that I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about.

However, to challenge myself to get out of my limited comfort zone, I decided to jump on the beauty-bandwagon and transform my brows into (attempted) works of art. 

Squiggly brows

eyebrow art
If I’m honest, when I first heard about “squiggly brows”, I thought they seemed a tad ridiculous. After trying them, my opinion hasn’t massively changed, but I had definitely underestimated how hard they are to achieve.

After drawing and re-drawing the curves with an eyebrow pencil, then repeatedly applying foundation over the little hairs that sat around the squiggles, to not much avail, I was more than a little disappointed with the results.

With downward curves hanging above my eyes, these brows gave me a constant look of worry which wasn’t quite the intended result. This look might raise eyebrows, but it’s not one I’ll be trying again soon. 

Barbed wire brows 

Eyebrow art 2

For the second look, I went bold and barbed. In hindsight, the wall of my childhood bedroom wasn’t the most obvious choice of backdrop for “barbed wire brows”, but who says dusty pink can’t be edgy?

To style the spikes, my eyebrow brush was too soft, so I instead used the edge of a fingernail to direct the hairs, adding a touch of lip balm to keep them in place.

Though I must admit that barbed wire isn’t my usual go-to source of inspiration for beauty styles, I was surprisingly fond of this look. 

Dragon brows 

Eyebrow art 3

Dragon-inspired eyebrows are underrated. I had high hopes for this style, but through my own lack of experience/knowledge/beauty-styling tools, the spikes of my own eyebrows could not compete with the immaculate points I had seen on Instagram.

If done with a professional hand, I am sure that “dragon brows” would be striking, and would flatteringly exaggerate eyelashes by mirroring their flicks. Done by my hand, however, they looked like I had simply brushed the hairs up, which I’m pretty sure does not constitute as “art”. 

Feather brows

Eyebrow art 4

With an eyebrow brush and the help of a lot of lip balm to arrange and set the brows in place, I eventually managed to style brows in a way that relatively resembled feathers.

After a few too many hours trying to style these brows, I was quietly thrilled with the feather-like hairs that replaced my usually plain, simple eyebrows.

The style might not be for the faint-hearted, and they’re not particularly ideal for a quick trip to the supermarket, but “feather brows” are a pretty fun way to jazz up your beauty style. 

Glitter Brows 

Eyebrow art 4

For my last set of arty brows, I decided to add a hint of sparkle. Although I didn’t enjoy getting glitter in my eyes, I loved having twinkling, glittery eyebrows.

Beautiful when catching the light, and brilliant at catching eyes, “glitter brows” are effective and easy to style. Even if you prefer your eyebrows shaped in traditional, non-arty ways, glitter is always a good idea.

For a more daring glitter brow look, check out Tiona Chantal's Youtube Tutorial.

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