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What I learnt from my week as a fashion Intern


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One of the most important things you can do if you are a student wanting to get into the creative industry is a work placement or an internship. Although most are unpaid, the experience you receive from them will benefit you in the long run.

You may find you have to forgo a new ‘going out outfit’ or a cheeky meal out to afford travel expenses, but for the chance to try out a ‘dream job’ it can be worth it.

I recently had a weeklong internship working with the content team for a popular fashion brand, and my week there gave me so much that my university course didn’t. 

1. The Office Environment

It may sound obvious, but university puts you in a bubble. Whilst you may be spending long days doing work, it’s not the same as a 9-5 job. The sense of community, professionalism and hard work you are a part of in an office environment will totally set you up for life after university.


2. Further Experience 

The place I did my work experience at was a brand that I had already been writing for, and being able to do a week’s work experience there involved me with the brand further and gave an insight into what goes on behind the scenes. It made my previous experience writing a lot more personal and also put a face and personality behind the people I'd been writing articles for.

3. How Brands/Companies Work 

Three years ago my personal ambitions were a lot different to my current ones. Work experience has been the reason for this; it has opened my eyes up to the different jobs there are. As such, now I am more interested in social media and creating/writing content for fashion brands. Had I not had the experiences I’ve had through work experience I might not have been so sure on where my talents lie.


4. Connections 

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how your job search is getting on, connections can be vital in getting a foot in the door – they can be just the thing to pivot you into your absolute dream job. Knowing people who are in the industry you want to join means that they can tell you about available jobs or even put in a good word for you!

5. Proven Confidence 

Whether you are confident in your abilities or not, work experience means you HAVE to at least pretend to be confident! Be proactive, ask questions and work above and beyond what you are asked to do. If they’re happy for you to be doing work for them that gets uploaded straightaway or they hand you some of their own tasks it means you have got what it takes, and also that you are talented and ready to work professionally.

Although university grades you for work, actually seeing your work being published and read gives you a whole different kind of confidence. 


Without work experience I could not imagine going into a work environment straight away. Obviously, all offices are different - but the structure of the days will be relatively the same.

University can give you a million other wonderful experiences to help you along your career path, but an internship or work experience can help you utilise those university skills in real-life situations.

Go on and bag yourself some work experience!

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