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7 body-positive men you need to follow on Instagram


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Since Zach Miko became the first Brawn model to be signed with IMG Models last year, there has been a great increase in recognition for the leading male figures in the body-positive movement.

In reaction to the unrealistic expectations and depictions of the male body in the media, these body-positive men are encouraging people to love themselves and their bodies. 

1) Zach Miko

Describing life as "Crazy Awesome" on Instagram, Zach Miko’s optimism and body positivity runs throughout his feed.

With a beaming smile and light-hearted sense of humour, Miko’s sending good vibes and positive messages across social media. 

2) Harvey Guillen

From MTV’s teen drama ‘Eye Candy’, Harvey Guillen has a little message for Hollywood…

Taking body positivity to the Red Carpet, Guillen is unapologetically challenging the film and TV industries’ issues with unhealthy male body images.


3) Matt Joseph Diaz

The strangest things can make us feel powerful, and that's okay.  When I was younger, I never put any effort into my appearance. I was so sure that because of my size and my social anxiety, people were going to judge me anyway. I didn't see the point in trying to impress them.  After I hit my goal weight during my initial weight loss journey, I decided to wear a suit every day for a year as a celebration. During that time, I made an important realization about my style.  Impressing people is cool, but at the end of the day, I dress up for ME.  I look how I do and dress how I do because I want to express myself. My bright hair, colorful suits, piercings and tattoos are a reflection of who I am.  I love how I look, and I love who I am, and I'm never going back.  #bodypositivity #bodypositive #bodyimage #selfimage #selflove #selfcare

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On his website, Matt Joseph Diaz writes, “there’s a long journey to self-love”.

After losing nearly 270 pounds in 6 years, Diaz’s extreme weight loss resulted in an excess of skin on his body. Having struggled with body image issues both before and after his weight loss, Diaz decided to tackle his insecurities head on and use his experiences to help others learn to love themselves.


4) Syed Sohail

Syed Sohail, AKA @theprepguy, is dapper and cool. On his Instagram, style advice is interspersed with inspirational insights into how to achieve self-love.

His fashion-focused lifestyle may seem enviable, but his honest self-reflection makes him relatable, bringing body positivity into the world of high-fashion.


5) Benjamin Montanez

Promoting the #effyourbeautystandards social media campaign with inspirational thoughts and messages, Benjamin Montanez is encouraging men to ignore the fashion industry’s pressures to look or act a certain way and ‘just do you’.


6) Kelvin Davis

When I smile, I hope you smile. We can smile together and make this world a better place #positivityalwayswins

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“LOVE YOUR BODY”, Kelvin Davis of Notoriously Dapper writes on his Instagram bio.

Davis is a model and committed advocate of positivity and self-love. He is now continuing his body-positive work with a book that is due to be published in October 2017 about men’s life, style and body confidence.


7) Troy Solomon

@abearnamedtroy is the Instagram account to follow for inspirational self-expression and self-love; the predominantly pink Instagram feed is a body-positive joy to scroll through.

Troy Solomon speaks up about his insecurities, but on the whole he shows a care-free attitude, refusing to let body image issues get in the way of his love of life.

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