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This woman's honest make-up tutorial is guaranteed to make you laugh


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Tanya Hennessy is coming for you, difficult make-up tutorials.

We’re sick of watching people paint their faces with super precision, trying to copy them and ending up looking worse than we do in the kebab shop at the end of a night out.

Australian Tanya is here to help with a simple, tongue-in-cheek lesson showing her everyday routine with a bunch of random products.

The chuckle-inducing video covers Tanya’s everyday make-up routine, making hilarious confessions about feeling forced into buying products at beauty counters, never washing her brushes and her moustache.

The video had more than 4 million views after being posted for a week.

We don’t know about you, but it’s the most relatable tutorial we’ve ever seen, especially when she poses at the end – why do beauty vloggers do that?!

Tanya Hennessy – Thoughts you have watching make up…

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