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10 reasons we still love Primark


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Primark is officially opening 16 more stores in the UK this year, and we are legit so happy that there's going to be a little more Primarni in the world. Here's why it will always have a place in our hearts (and our wardrobes.)

1. It's ridiculously cheap

With the vast majority of products under £20, you can actually afford to purchase more than one item and still have money left for your food shop - goodbye beans on toast! 


2. Variety!

Primark has a ridiculous selection of, well, pretty much anything you can name. Maybe that's the reason time dissapears when you step through those doors...


3. It's the perfect place for essentials.

Whether you need a few basic staples to add to your wardrobe, some muck-around clothes for that mudder-run or just some socks without holes in - Primark is the answer to all of your needs.


4. The underwear is lush AF

The selection of underwear is mindblowing in Primark - we're talking lace, mesh detailing, silk and a whole load of prettiness. Goodbye designer, hello savings. 


5. Great price AND great quality?!

The majority of your Primarni pieces will last season after season, and the material tends to be super durable, and not to mention machine washable. No one has to know it cost you a fiver...


6. Its make-up range is the bomb

From pretty make-up brushes, false nails, pretty eyeshadow palettes and perfumes to name only a few, the Primark makeup section will take you to girl heaven for only a small price tag.


7. And lets talk about homeware...

Okay, so Primark offers the cutest candles, infusers, cushions and duvet covers - and again they're all as cheap as chips, so you can afford to kit out your uni room without breaking the bank. Because, who doesn't work better with fairy-lights?


8. Their clothes take inspo from the catwalk

Primark is always following the trends and it's ahead of the game - you'll actually find they have so many dupes of other way more expensive brands too! Now that's what we're talking about.


9. It's all about the accessories

Pack of chokers for two quid? Don't mind if we do. From packets of earrings, stacked rings and statement necklaces, the Primark jewellery range is on fleeeeek.


10. We love the sense of a good bargain

Clothes are life, so hunting out the perfect new top for £7 makes us very, very happy girls. Ahhh, talk about sense of achievement!

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