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Ink: the trend we just can't rub off


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Tattoos seem to be more popular than ever, but is this simply because we can't get rid of them?

My personal feeling is no, not at all – in fact, I feel optomistic enough to take this is a sign that society is progressing towards embracing individualism, and shunning the negative stigma's which have so long surounded decorative ink. 

Getting visible tattoos used to mean being an outcast, a rebel to society’s norms. Nowadays, it seems that almost everyone has an inking, whether it be a small quote or a whole sleeve, and it certainly doesn’t make you a bad person in the younger generation’s eyes. This lack of negative pre-judgement is a step in the right direction for a society so built up on looking as perfect as a Kardashian.

If anything, we should be celebrating tattoos as a 21st Century means of displaying personality and style. Getting a new tattoo is a harmless way of modifying your body to gain more confidence and reflect who you are on the inside. Yes, it sounds incredibly cheesy, but getting one is incredibly liberating and with each one I get, the more I feel like myself. I'm certain other people feel exactly the same way. 

Although certain jobs are still strict on tattoos, it seems that if they are covered up in the professional environment, it isn’t really a big deal anymore - with some (largely independant) companies, even encouraging tattoos to be left on display. 

I personally don’t see any harm this particular fashion convention. It’s wonderful to see that people are becoming more open-minded, with even those who dislike tattoos becoming more willing to accept and discuss the concept. The main issue that appears to arise is the permeance, but I view tattoos as pieces of art, which is why picking the right artist for you is so important. 

Although they are now more popular than ever, tattoos are still unique, with different styles emerging to create these beautifully bold inkings. New styles seem to pop out of nowhere, and each artist puts their own unique spin on their pieces. It would be impossible to list each type of tattoo, which is honestly a great thing as it means that despite the popularity, there's still so much choice and each piece is different. 

I understand that tattoos aren't for everybody, but for me, my tattoo was an incredible step towards self-acceptance. Tattoos used to be seen as reserved for those who were rebelling, but now they are begining to be seen for what they are - self-expression.  

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