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Rise and rise of the feminist slogan t-shirt


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Fashion has always been about wearing your heart on your sleeve - a way of expressing your emotions and these day, even your political views.

Every moment in history has an outfit to match, and we even define eras by what people wore - so why not define 2010s with a feminist slogan t-shirt?

Now, unless you were living under a rock for the whole of last year, you must have noticed that 2016 was a rising year for many powerful women, with Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and Nicola Sturgeon making huge strides for women in politics and all the feminist power that radiated from their followers.

Never have I been prouder than when I saw my fellow females coming together for a good cause. Sadly, women had to come together in order to combat against forces of evil *cough* Trump and his posse *cough* and now, women are so united that it's sparking a new wave of feminist apparel. What better way to express ourselves than through our clothes?

Feminist Apparel, £23.81

It all began with Dior's first female creative director in 70 years, releasing a simple t-shirt which read 'We should all be feminists' - a quote taken from feminist author and TED Talker Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - during last October's Paris Fashion Week. 

Since this release, many retailers have began releasing affordable tees for women everywhere to let their views be acknowledged.

These came to light during last week's Women's March, with thousands of women donning their 'equality' shirts in Washington, New York, London and across the world. 

Even celebrities are out in full support, from Rihanna's 'p**sy grabs back' jumper to Alexa Chung's 'In solidarity' tee shirt seen on social media platforms. 

RedBubble, £15.47

When I first saw these shirts, I was immediatly online in search for the perfect statement to pronounce my views. Granted, I'm still yet to choose my feminist message (I'm in between 'The future is female' and 'In solidarity' at the moment) but I really am in full support of my sister's call to action. 

Women, more than ever, must ensure that our voices are heard and our rights are seen as valid. I mean there's nothing worse than being told what to do by a man who looks like a cheesy dorito, is there ladies? 

Zazzle, £17.35

I say let's make some noise and fight for the change we want to see in the world! 

Join the cause (minus the Dior prices) by heading over to Zazzle, RedBubble or Feminist Apparel to claim a tee-shirt for yourselves, or even make your own tees! 




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