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From dotwork to traditional: tattoo trends for 2017


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Despite being permenant, tattoos have become everyone's favourite fashion accessory over the last few years. With so many different styles emerging, it becomes increasingly easier to find a style that you're sure to love. If you're seeking a new piece of ink, why not consider one of these looks? 


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Blackwork is becoming more and more popular in the tattoo world, with lotsof people choosing to opt out of any colour at all. If heavy blocks of pure black ink can sound harsh, but can actually really shape the tattoo to make it stand out. Although it seems like these pieces would blur together on the arm, the video above shows just how seamlessly the tattoos can sit beside each other. 


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Just as the name suggests, traditional tattoos stick to the old-school feel. Whilst it's always been popular, we predict that the style will grow even bigger and come back into the mainstream ideal for ink. They typically include bright colours such as red or green, taking their inspiration from old-school artists who brought tattooing into great popularity, such as the famous Sailor Jerry.


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Similar to blackwork, dotwork instead replaces any shading with small dots. Done with a tiny needle, the dotwork can be layered in order to build up shading. Although, as previously mentioned, it can be mixed up with blackwork due to often sticking to black ink, this style tends to stay away from too much solid ink and mixes it up with said dots. 


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Watercolour tattoos have recently become very popular amongst creative types. Best known for it's colourful, artsy look, the tattoos recreate the style of watercolour paintings. Although these can be done in a variety of colour, the most popular appears to be pinks and purples, often recreating a galaxy. 


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Although handpoked tattoos are often thought of being done by amateurs, many professional artists are getting involved. Often refered to as stick-and-poke, the controversial method goes back to basics are done without any electricty, instead being done with a needle and ink. With so many professionals heading in this direction, it's becoming a lot safer and is no longer thought of an 'at-home' method. Whilst this is techically a method and not a style of tattooing, they can often look very distinctive. 

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