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What I Wore This Week: Ettie Stevenson, Fashion Contributor


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And finally - February is here! But If you've yet to banish those January blues, I've got a top tip to help you get rid of them for good... yep you guessed it: spice up your wardrobe!

Fashion is what I use to cheer myself up on dreary mornings and stressful weeks. On the whole I put a lot of care into my outfits, subconsciously planning in my head before I sleep what I’m going to wear the next day.

A lot of people have the mentality that it’s only university, they can’t be bothered to dress well for lectures, etc. However, it’s just part of my daily routine to get ready.

My style is very much trend orientated, mixed with personal twists and preferences.

Day 1 D1

I’m riding a thrifty kinda hype at the moment and making a conscious effort to rediscover some old items in my wardrobe. So, to start Monday right I team my old much-loved denim skirt with a white flute sleeved jumper and another favourite my pink coat – the ultimate item for any ‘Clueless’ fan!

Day 2 Day 2

Patterns are a fun way to add expression into your wardrobe and brighten up a dull day. What I love about this dress is that it’s effortless to style but still makes it look like you’ve tried. I am a big fan of chunky shoes, so I team this dress with Vagabond boots and a velvet mini backpack.

Day 3

Day 3

For a long day in uni involving a three-hour workshop and a stint at the library, something more comfortable was definitely in order. These pleated trousers and nude bodysuit are the perfect choice. It’s basically like wearing loungewear outside. What’s not to love? 

D4 D4

Towards the end of the week timetabled events stop, which gives me time to work on my blog. I love oversized t-shirts at the moment and I used this day to experiment with a new look. As a massive fan of the embroidery trend this top was a steal from Boohoo, teamed with another bargain - these £5 trousers from H&M. It’s a look that’s a little different from my usual one, but I know I’ll wear again.

This is my routine for the week, trying to challenge myself a little whilst still sticking to some things I know and love. Pretty items like the embroidered t-shirt and the patterned dress are a great way to start your day cheery and positive.

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