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Why you should actually care about men's London Fashion Week


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Gender stereotypes dictate that it is girls who like fashion, and boys should be more interested in monster trucks. But hey – this is 2017, man! Time to smash those incredibly dull prescribed gender roles, because fashion is by no means “just for girls”.

If you are indeed male and sceptical, we’re here to convince you why – with a little help from the upcoming London Fashion Week Men’s, as it’s officially known.

Hitting the capital from January 6 to 9, men’s fashion week is far from a few pretty boys strutting down a runway while stiletto-wearing fashion editors in all black watch on (although there will be a bit of that if we’re being perfectly honest). Trust us – you won’t want to let this weekend slip by unnoticed, and here’s why.

It will no doubt influence what you wear this year

Oliver Spencer
(Frantzesco Kangaris/PA)

Even if you’re not a slave to the runways, chances are what you wear for the next year will be shaped by what you see at fashion week.

Let’s take last year’s men’s fashion week to test this theory.

Have you recently been digging out some old jackets from the recesses of your wardrobe? If it’s leather or a bomber you have Coach to thank, whereas Christopher Shannon made denim cool again.

Christopher Shannon
(Frantzesco Kangaris/PA)

Chances are you’ve probably been wearing some chunky knitwear too. Yep, that’s thanks to the likes of E Tautz.

Think your new favourite pair of sandals are because you spend so much time on the beach? Don’t be silly, it’s always cold where you live, and they’re because the Topshop show made them cool last year. And yes: socks and sandals finally became socially acceptable.

(Alan D West/PA)

Have you increasingly been wearing “nice” hoodies and trackies? That’s because high fashion labels like Christopher Raeburn are making athleisure cool again – less chav and more chic.

Christopher Raeburn
(Frantzesco Kangaris/PA)

If you’ve recently acquired anything in a dark red colour, that’s all thanks to Oliver Spencer and many other designers – it was a favoured colour scheme last year.

Oliver Spencer
(Frantzesco Kangaris/PA)

It’s art

Thomas Pink
(Alan D West/PA)

Even if you’re not quite convinced that the catwalk translates to your wardrobe, you can’t deny that fashion is art. This means that men’s fashion week is one of the most exciting times to see a whole bunch of creativity in one place – and who would want to pass up on that? (Even if you’re going to veto socks and sandals).

Here are some of our favourite creations from last year – they come from the artistically high to those more grounded in popular culture. And be warned: the weirder is often the better when it comes to experimental men’s fashion.

(Alan D West/PA)
(Frantzesco Kangaris/PA)
(Lauren Hurley/PA)
(Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)
Sibling catwalk
(Yui Mok/PA)

Sure, you may not be rushing to buy any of these outfits any time soon, but it sure is a pretty incredible display of artistry.

It’s politically relevant

Don’t be fooled into thinking fashion is sat in its ivory tower – instead, it is fiercely linked to current events and many designers use fashion week as a platform to air their political views. Just take Daniel W. Fletcher from last year’s fashion week – he used his collection to draw attention to the EU referendum.

Daniel Fletcher
(Silviu Doroftei/PA)

With the famously politically vocal Vivienne Westwood making her London Fashion Week Men’s comeback and considering the current state of world affairs, we bet that politics will be high on the agenda.

It’s a growing industry

Men’s fashion is going from strength to strength. The industry is booming, and you’d be nuts not to sit up and take notice. The best place to look is undoubtedly the Newgen pop-up which honours the best and brightest of new designers, showing that male fashion has no plans to slow down any time soon. And why would it – you have to wear it every day!

It’s not all ludicrous price tags

Hands up who’s shopped in Topman before. Okay, good – that’s basically everyone.

Topman has its very own show space this weekend, where it will be showcasing some exciting new designers as well as its own MAN collection – so what you see on the runway may very well soon be in your own wardrobe.

It might all be coming to an end

(Isabel Infantes/PA)

This may be one of the London Fashion Week Men’s we see. Why? Because designers are cottoning on to the fact that it just doesn’t make any sense to separate male and female fashion, especially when the line between the two is becoming increasingly blurred.

Heavy hitters like Burberry have made the big move and combined their male and female collections into one badass show.

Because it’s 2017, folks, and we’re all about equality!

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