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Meet vlogger Georgie Aldous, who is taking a stand against 'male makeup' and the British beauty industry


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Before the booms of both YouTube and Instagram, beauty was very much a woman’s world. And although contour and cut-crease tutorials are still mostly only seen performed by women, 18-year-old British vlogger Georgie Aldous is working to try to change that.

Georgie’s Insty bio says it’s “time to revolutionise the beauty industry” – and he’s playing his part with a campaign to get men into make-up adverts and posters.

We caught up with Georgie to find out exactly how he is planning to change the face of beauty and how his own experiences drove him to this activism.

Georgie Aldous
(Georgie Aldous/PA)

He said: “I experience discrimination on a daily basis online but I have experienced it in person a few times for example when people shout homophobic slurs at me. I’ve got to the point now where I’ve grown so mentally strong that it does not affect me one bit.”

As well as impeccably “beat” (that means a face that has been made over to perfection, by the way) selfies, Georgie often posts about the products that he is loving at the moment. But although he is keen to work with beauty brands, they don’t seem as keen to work with him.

He said that he has contacted a number of brands this year only to be told that this is “not something that they are currently working on”. He said: “I think as a male beauty vlogger working with brands it’s very hard, and getting recognised online by brands is extremely hard too.”

One thing that brands do get in touch with Georgie about, however, is so-called ‘male-makeup’, which Georgie is “100% against”. He said simply that “there doesn’t need to be make-up for men. People just need to stop genderising make-up as a whole”.

Georgie Aldous
(Georgie Aldous/PA)

This lack of acceptance of men in the beauty industry prompted the teen to start a petition on to Get Men On British Make-Up Campaigns.

The petition reads:

The beauty industry in England needs to be revolutionised, with just women being featured on make-up stands in British drugstores it is undiverse and old news. We need men on make-up campaigns more than ever. To show equality, diversity and respect.

It would bring down hate crime for men in make-up, it would make people feel more accepted, bring more respect to brands and let men know that men wearing make-up is okay and they shouldn’t feel out of place for doing so.

It upsets me to walk into a store, go down the make-up aisle and not see a male model in sight. It makes me feel unwanted and that I shouldn’t be wearing make-up as a male.

America seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of the British beauty industry, with COVERGIRL signing up their first male spokesmodel James Charles. “I just feel like England need to catch up and do something groundbreaking too,” Georgie said. “British make-up brands need to start collaborating with men and having male models on campaigns especially in England.”

So how does the future look for Georgie? “My plans for the future are to one day hopefully get myself on a make-up campaign and to walk into a store and not to see just women plastered everywhere would be a dream of mine. I want the future kids of our generation to feel like make up doesn’t have a label and that everyone can express themselves in any way, man or woman.”

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