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11 Christmas jumpers that have gone way, way too far


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Yes, we wish it could be Christmas every day, but more than that, we wish it could be Christmas Jumper Day every day.

They’re ridiculously cosy to wear (if a little too sweaty), plus you can get away with not being particularly presentable in the office and just live your best life.

And, yes, maybe these examples of festive wear are a little OTT. But we are loving it. *wears Christmas jumpers every day for the next week*

1. First things first – no one has gone to town with their jumper as much as this guy. Werk it.

2. The award for best use of a Christmas jumper goes to…

3. Meanwhile, this guy gets top marks for expertly blending in with his surroundings.

4. Any jumper that plays music is perhaps too much but there’s nothing we low-key love more.

5. Same applies to any jumper that’s lit up.

6. This one has a certain sophistication about it, amiright.

7. We’re just *so* confused at the mix of cats, pizza and… baubles. But we can’t deny we wanna wear it, and with pride.

8. Is Darth Vader on a Christmas jumper taking things too far? Quite possibly.

9. We simply couldn’t do this list without mentioning a dog dressed as a snowman.

10. Or a cat in a reindeer jumper. Because, cats.

11. Last up is this guy, who went the opposite of too far, but we still low-key love it.

There’s always one… (bet he won’t forget next year.)

And, this is not technically a jumper, but, you know what mate, you’ve won Christmas and deserve a special mention.

Who votes for Christmas Suit day to be a thing too?

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