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There's a new subscription service offering luxury handbags on demand


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If you have a taste for luxury handbags, but not quite the bank balance to justify buying new ones regularly, there's a new online subscription service that may just answer your prayers.

Burberry handbag

For £149 a month you can access handbags worth up to £4000 through Uncloset's online service. Your first luxury handbag will arrive within 24 hours after subscribing, so you can enjoy using and wearing the bag without the guilt of making a four-figure purchase to get it… until another new handbag catches your eye.

Through the subscription service, the bag can be replaced by swapping it with a new one. And as new bags are added to the site weekly, you can stay ahead of the trends.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen the high growth of fast-fashion retailers and the corresponding sustainability issues that surround the industry,” Ashley Flores, COO of Uncloset, said. “As fashion gets faster, consumers struggle to keep up or turn to lower-priced but inferior quality models.”

Through the culture of fast fashion, Flores recognises that “women don’t necessarily buy fashion because they lacked items in their closet, but because they felt the need for newer or better options.” Uncloset offers women the chance to indulge in the items they want rather than the ones they need, with less of the cost.

CMO and co-founder of Uncloset Rui Rapazote says: “Spending thousands of pounds on a designer handbag that might be out of date within a few months is a complete impossibility for the vast majority of people.”

Rapazote continues, “by turning luxury fashion into luxury on demand, we are making the world of high fashion accessible to more people than ever before.”

The service launches exclusively in the UK on 1 December. For the first 100 subscribers, the first month will be reduced to a rate of £99.

With UK consumers spending nearly £1.5bn on handbags every year, Uncloset's service helps subscribers spend less money to get more handbags - what's not to love?

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