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Jazz Egger opens up on Instagram about the #TruthBehindThisShot


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Scrolling through endless images of beauty and perfection on Instagram can be both mesmerising and demoralising as edited, filtered lives can be believed as real.

A short, witty caption can describe an image as #goals or #inspiration, but how often do they reveal the #truthbehindthisshot?

London-based model Jazz Egger’s Instagram is filled with fun and glamour. At first glance, it is an enviable presentation of life inside the fashion industry. However, Egger is sending an important message that looks can be deceiving.

Despite their dreamy appearances, many of her images hide the nightmarish side of working in a greatly damaged and damaging industry.

Egger is fighting the expectation to idealise her life and career on social media by re-captioning her Instagram images with unapologetic honesty.

Revealing the darker stories behind seemingly perfect images, Egger highlights issues with the unhealthy expectations and unfair treatment of models within fashion.

In the new captions, Egger draws attention to examples heavy image-editing and the harsh criticisms she faces in life outside of Instagram.


The model opens up about her insecurites with her new captions.

Egger says that her nose made her 'uncomfortable' in one image, and that she had edited her teeth in another to make them appear straighter, showing that even fashion models can struggle with self-doubt.

Refusing to continue hiding uncertainty with confident captions, Egger is sending an important message that her online-life should be neither idealised or idolised, but understood in the context of the filtered world of Instagram.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Egger is reminding us that the meaning of images can be rewritten, and there is an unknown truth behind every shot.

To see more of Jazz Egger's #truthbehindthisshot campaign, visit her Instagram here

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