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Must Have Gadgets This Christmas


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In this day and age it's impossible to have too many gadgets in your life. So if you're stuck for stocking fillers and your list to Santa is looking a little sad, why not let yourself be tempted by some of this years most fashionable tech. 

Compact System Cameras

Old certainly seems to be the new “new” this year, with retro and vintage cameras being a high trend item on the markets and inspiring a new generation of up-to-date camera "classics". Fuji and Olympus are just a couple of tech designers who have taken to reinventing the classic film camera this Christmas. These Compact System Cameras not only look fantastically retro, but they also take a great picture with specs comparable with even the most futuristic cameras.

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Wireless Beats / Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a must for any commuter, gym goer or late-night-listener. These wireless Beats come in a variety of colours, perfect for putting the world on mute, whilst still looking on fleek.

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IPhone 7

The new iPhone is once again set to be one of this Christmas’ most popular gifts. After Samsung's shares plummeted early this year, the iPhone 7 has taken a comfortable seat as the leading smartphone with its new range colours making the phone more popular than ever.

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Smart Watches 

The age of the smart watch has dawned upon us quicker than we expected, but with the recent introduction of Apple Pay, and the ability to take a call from your wrist, can't you see why?

The Apple Watch is a great fashion accessory and although they are not cheap, they are highly configurable to your needs, making them perhaps the most personal piece of technology to date.

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Apple Macs

Apple have just launched their new Apple Mac Pro now complete with touch screen technology and, 17% thinner than the previous model, is perfect for students to carry around campus. 

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Keeping fit and healthy is a modern obsession, which is why the introduction of the Fitbit back in 2013 was some sort of revolution for the fitness industry. Not only do people like to stay fit, but they also want to look great whilst breaking a sweat. This neat little band not only keep a track of the calories you're burning and the distance you're running, swimming or cycling, but can also make you aware of the efficiency of your night's sleep -cool huh?

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Bluesmart Suitcase

This suitcase is useful for far more that just transporting your clothes. The Bluesmart case features two USB ports, a built in SIM card that allows you to locate your bag via GPS anywhere in the world. It has built in scales that allow you to weigh your suitcase simply by picking it up, and last but not least, the ability to lock it electronically. I don't know about you but I am definitely sold on this product, and the price is also relatively reasonable too.

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Let’s just hope we have all been good this year…

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