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5 cheap beauty products to protect your skin over freshers


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Too much alcohol. Not enough water. Not enough sleep - sounds like freshers' week, doesn’t it? And for many, it is a routine which sticks even long after freshers week has finished.

However, the constant ingestion of vodka over water and long periods of sleep deprivation can really dehydrate and dry up your skin. Cracked lips, blotchy eye-lids, rough forehead and tell-tale flaking around your nose - sound familiar?

Obviously drinking a lot more water will help massively, but there are also a variety of budget friendly skincare products which could help to replenish that much needed moisture to your skin and help you to rediscover that healthy glow of your less intoxicated days.

1. Cleansing
Probably the most important skincare step is cleansing. It gets rid of all the dirt, oil, bacteria and other unwanted bits from your pores and allows your skin to breathe and rejuvenate itself overnight. It’s super important to make sure that, if you wear makeup, you take it off before bed otherwise, not only will your skin not be able to breathe, but as it tries to breathe your makeup will sink in, clogging up your pores and causing nasty breakouts.

THIS cleanser from Simple is not only packed with vitamins but contains no artificial perfume, colour or harsh chemicals, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. And, at £3 a go, it’s also a student loan friendly option.

2. Removing makeup

Micellar water! Micellar water! Micellar water! Simply holding a soaked cotton pad against your eye for ten seconds and then wiping away removes the majority of even the toughest makeup, and you don’t. I repeat. DON'T. Need to scrub and pull at your face.

Micellar water is probably the most gentle way of removing makeup from around your eyes, and because the product is water based and not a cream or lotion it doesn't even sting if it does happen to seep into your eye - added bonus for those heavier nights out! 

THIS Garnier micellar water is really popular, only £4.99 and have a range of different options for available to suit different skin types.

3. Exfoliating

Now, not everyone needs to exfoliate, but a quick way to test is to take a bit of clear tape, put it on your forehead, rub it and then peel it off again. If small flakes of skin have come off with it - you need to give your face a proper scrub to get rid of all the dead skin cells. Exfoliation also removes oil from clogged up pores, red marks and blemishes.

THIS £4.79 exfoliator from Neutrogena is gentle, and unlike some harsher scrubs, it still has a moisturising effect (though do note that over-exfoliation can actually lead for your skin to be drier) and smells fresh of pink grapefruit.

4. Toning
Toning your skin goes hand-in-hand with cleansing. It removes any extra little bits of makeup, oil, dirt or debris left behind by your cleanser and also soothes the skin whilst bringing back its natural pH level - as most soap and cleanser is alkaline. Toning is also great for hydration, nourishment and shrinking pores.

Though many people choose to leave this step out of their skincare routine, professionals say it’s just as important as cleansing. THIS option is only £2.66, really soft and gentle, and is made from all natural ingredients, meaning it's also suitable for sensitive skin.

5. Moisturising
You can get plenty of different moisturisers for your whole face, just your eyes, just your lips, your body, etcetera etcetera, but for the student on a budget getting just one moisturiser that deeply hydrates all of the face is best. Moisturising as the last step of your basic skin routine is key as it creates a little protective layer on the surface of your skin, and also can begin to sink in and nourish your skin as your pores are still open from the previous products. THIS £4.99 option is a personal holy grail product and deserves a place on everyone’s shelf.

If you’re wanting a more complex skin routine, there are thousands of different products you can branch out to including serums, illuminators, night creams, oils and masks. These products listed are specifically for “normal” skin and friendly toward sensitive skin too, but if your skin is excessively dry or excessively oily there are plenty of cheap options available to target specific skin types.

Following a quick basic routine every morning and night (and taking your makeup off!!!) will help maintain that GLO you somehow lost over freshers - who even needs highlighter?

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