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PETA activists hold protest at London Fashion Week


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There is No Future for leather, fur and wool - at least accoding to PETA activists, who held a protest outside London Fashion Week’s headquarters on Brewer Street on Friday.

Celebrating 40 years of punk, PETA sparked its own ‘Vegan Fashion Revolution’ with four models dressed in vegan clothing.

The tough, edgy look was made up with faux leather, floaty tulle and tartan. 

Causing a riot, placards stated ‘Fur is Dead’, ‘Leather is Dead’ and ‘Wool is Dead’ and declared that the future of fashion lays in eco and animal friendly vegan designs.

"Every scrap of fur, leather, or wool means a lifetime of suffering and a terrifying death for a fox, cow, or sheep", says PETA Director Elisa Allen.

"PETA is calling for a fashion revolution because with all the high-quality, innovative vegan fabrics available, there is simply no excuse for wearing animal skins."

PETA’s motto states that “animals are not ours to wear”, bringing light to the conditions that foxes, rabbits, mink, cows and sheep are confined to before they’re killed for their fur, leather and wool.

A recent expose by PETA also revealed a thriving dog-leather industry in China.


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