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Flashforward to Fall: Autumnal Hues and Transitional Textures


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The last month of holiday is disappearing before you, the heat is on and the summer sale signs are up. You’ve been working hard to pay back those debts and clamber out of your overdraft and now with that summer pay-cheque in sight, you feel it’s time for some well-deserved retail therapy.

But with summer drawing to a close, this season's trends are likewise beginning to fade. The frenzy we all had for slip dresses and sandals has died down, and florals and fringed hems are now nothing more than a high-street norm.

So what do you do when trends become common-place? And how do you know which of those flash-sale bargains will be nothing but old-news at the turn of the season – condemned to sit at the back of your wardrobe until the tables turn once more?

Never fear - because we would hate for you to spend all that hard-earned cash just to blend into the crowds. What you need in a sneak-peak at the autumn forecast, so that when you shop the sales sections you know what’s a bargain, and what’s a back number.

You’ll be pleased to hear that there are a fair few trends destined to stick around into the colder months. Those heeled leather sandals we’ve so loved to pair our new loose-fit jeans for example – though if you haven’t already invested in this particular summer staple, we hear that white is set to be autumn's colour of choice. Meanwhile your denim is staying straightcut and chokers will remain your statement piece for yet another season.


The change in weather is however bringing with a warmer range of fabrics to play with – velvet, silk and tweed, all set to become part of our everyday wardrobe.

It’s all about the textures this autumn. With that irresistible velvet, contrasting with the sexy sheen of silk and finished off with a classic tweed, adding that final touch of English heritage and aura of timeless sophistication to your autumn attire.

Prepare to layer spring’s silk slip dresses with vintage tweed jackets, to purchase your first pair of satin trousers, and don’t be afraid to throw your favourite leather jacket into the mix, which you can choose to pair with heavy soled hiker boots or a delicate set of ribboned ballet pumps.  



Smart up with seventies chic, grunge down with the punk vibes, or keep it dainty in ballet uniform. Or – mix it up. There’s a lot to play with this Autumn, and with London Fashion Week just around the corner, experimentation is encouraged.

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