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Why sweater weather is better weather


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As the August bank holiday beckons and the thought of freshers can be glimpsed on the horizon, summer is coming to an end and the transition into autumn will soon begin.

The era of pumpkin spiced lattes, falling leaves and crackling bonfires is rapidly approaching, and soon coats and sweaters will be the standard. Being a self-confessed autumn mega fan, I cannot wait for the return of the prettiest season and its accompanying autumnal fashion. After all, sweater weather is, most definitely, better weather.

In terms of aesthetics, autumn and winter fashion is far superior to its scantily-clad, brightly-coloured summer compatriot. Soon, the shades of hot pink and electric blue will fade, shifting to simplistic neutrals and sophisticated darks.

Blacks, navy blues and deep maroons will become the standard shades of the season. Shorts will lengthen into skinny jeans whilst flip-flops will morph into Chelsea boots. Vests will finally disappear altogether, being replaced by the far superior shirt. However, the most exciting return will be the reappearance of coats and jackets. Autumn fashion can elevate even those with a woeful fashion sense to a level of sophistication and trendiness they otherwise lack during the summer months.

The return of the humble sweater will be a wonderfully welcome sound for thousands of wardrobes up and down the country, with Aran jumpers and fluffy sweaters seeing daylight once again after a summer vacation.

There’s something effortlessly stylish about a simple jumper, a pair of skinny jeans and a nice pair of boots. It’s a classic look that seems to resonate with sophistication; jumpers boast the appeal of being both simple and sleek.

Much like the autumn mornings that accompany it, sweaters are dark and lazy – requiring no thought or planning to look suave, ideal for those quick changes after diving from the duvet or the shower.

Not only can you feel both snuggly and stylish, sweater weather means that your eyeballs won’t be as offended by other people’s choices of attire. It’s a time of year for muted and darkened colours, effortless chic and lots and lots of comfort – where fashion serves as something both complimentary and snuggly. Amazingly, even those who are fans of clashing patterns or obnoxious colours calm down during this season, creating a legion of fashion forward individuals with little to no faux pas existing.

As well as being effortlessly trendy, sweaters become a means to have a duvet day out an about, providing an inbuilt hug for your torso and keeping the comfort and bliss that a duvet provides. Not only serving as a blanket of comfort, but jumpers also seem to mirror the warmth of that first morning cuppa all day. Jumpers are both a means of fashion and comfort, but they’re also an ideal tool to keep warm and cosy.

No matter how cold or crisp the autumn may be, having an abundance of jumpers and sweaters means you’ll be prepared for the onslaught of wind and single figure temperatures. Sweaters should be a staple in each and every wardrobe, and the return of autumn will allow you to flaunt your latest knitted creations or snuggly charity shop finds. Embrace the season and its fashion accompaniments, because sweater weather is better weather.

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