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Camel No: The end to all your camel toe woes?


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If you're wanting a solution for your 'unsightly' camel toe, then look no further than the new 'Camel No' knickers - which promise to eliminate this so-called fashion faux-pas.

Recently launched, the product descriptions states it has ‘a built-in modesty enhancement panel’ made from silicone - because who doesn't love a bit of vagina padding?

'Camel No' joins a long line of unusual undergarments. Back in 2013 Rhianna took to Instagram to show off her denim thong (WTF!?), while on the market there are also Shreddies Flatulence Filtering Briefs (perfect for stopping farty odours and ruining your date, I presume), and the C-String Invisible Underwear - which looks like a maxi pad crossed with a thong. The idea here is it's got no strings which means no more vpl (very weird, but does sell it as part of their sexy lingerie range).

So, is 'Camel No' just another naff fad product? Naff, maybe. However, they do fulfil their purpose and from the outside look just like your average pair of briefs. Coming in a choice of colours, and styles, they're quite nice and rather cute. Unlike the C-string you won't look odd wearing these.

Speaking to Mashable about her creation, 'Camel No' founder Maggie Han says "I want to motivate women to wear everything in their closet and not have to fidget and fuss over it and be self-conscious."

Sounds good - but at the end of the day it's just a vagina, and maybe you shouldn't be shamed into feeling like you need to keep it under wraps? If you want to wear white skinny jeans you shouldn't worry about what other people are thinking, and if Camille the camel makes an appearance then so what? By focusing on the 'problem' we're just reinforcing the view that camel toe is indeed a problem that needs fixing, and is something us ladies should be embarrassed or ashamed about.

Camel toe doesn't just happen because you're wearing something too small. Yoga pants, leggings, jumpsuits and skinny jeans are all clothes that  can naturally highlight your lady bits, even when you’re wearing the right size. Frankly unless your vagina is full on hanging out there's really nothing to worry about. It's not a 'wardrobe malfunction' or a 'fashion faux -pas', it's natural; camel toes are nothing to be ashamed of. Yet women are constantly shamed for this sort of thing. Khloe Kardashian often features in celebrity gossip magazines for her camel toe, but instead of getting embarrassed she embraces hers, once explaining in a KUWTK episode, "I always have camel toe. It is what it is — I can't control it."

This underwear will prove popular with vagina-conscious ladies prepared to go to any length to 'fix' their camel toe woes. Just remember though, your body parts don't resemble Barbie because you're not a doll. If walking around with a glorified panty liner is the price you're willing to pay to ensure everything's kept under wraps then that's your choice, but I'd much rather embrace myself like Khloe than walk around with silicone padding covering my nether regions.

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