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LCM SS16 Review - Maharishi


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Maharishi, from Sanskrit as an addition to a name, making it honorary. From such a title, a sense of the pinnacle is immediately formed in the minds of fashion elites, journalists and VIPs as the military-wear brand is back in "Post-Geographic Devotional Uniform & Habits."

The collection plays on religious wear in contrast to the stark images behind the military-wear. It takes inspiration from religious clothing, drawing on Buddhist monk robes and Judaic prayer strings.

Blending the religious clothing with camouflage clothing and patterns, with the addition of long-line t-shirts and, unfortunately, the worst current trend, bucket-hats finished with mesh at the back. The elongation of the fabrics and garments creates a sense of blurred definitions between religion and warfare.

Maharishi have cleverly drawn on religious connoted colours alongside the starker hues of military garments. This includes playing with Buddhist oranges and whites in full outfits and regal purples being worn by monk-acting models. Beiges and sand colours were used in flowing garments distorting imagery between current world warfares and a sense of purity in religion.

The aforementioned orange dotted around within the collection lends itself to Thai monks, with the colour being incorporated into Bonsai camouflage print anchoring back to Maharishi’s military roots. The design was worked onto T-shirts, hooded capes, sweatpants and jumpers.

Though the meaning of the collection remains somewhat subjective, Maharishi's collection undoubtedly makes purveyors think. Smart move.

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