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Androgyny is in With New Selfridges Collection


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Androgyny has been somewhat commonplace within the fashion industry since the rise of Twiggy in the 60s, but Selfridge's new He She Me campaign infinitely blurs the lines between men’s and women’s fashion.

The line launched at Selfridge’s stores in London, Birmingham and Manchester on the 12th March and is available till until the end of April.

The collection in collaboration with designer Faye Toogood completely distorts what’s “his” and what’s “hers”.

Gender neutral Hood By Air Illusion block cotton jersey top, £145 pics from Selfridges

Selfridges plan is to challenge sociological norms in a hope of boosting the brands influence.

The collection features a myriad of designers, from Comme Des Garcon, Ann Demeulemeester and Giuseppe Zanotti to Isabel Benenato and Dries Van Noten and it’s hard not to swoon over the genderless collection.

Reacting to cultural shifts in gender and sexuality is a huge step forward for both the retail and the fashion worlds. Not only being able to accommodate and accept more recognised ways of life, but welcoming gender spectrums within mainstream shopping is something that should be applauded.

Rad Hourani, who launched a unisex high-end fashion brand in 2007, said that “Agender” is “Free of limitations: gender, age, race, anything that separates people from each other”.

Such an environment welcomes shoppers to experiment their wardrobe with previously silenced ideas, moving the fashion world forward.

Genderless fashion is something that has heavily progressed in the last few years, aided by transgender models such as Gisele Xtravaganza hitting the runways.

Though the collection is clearly not designed for the student pocket, with bomber jackets setting you back £1,730, it should still be praised that gender fluidity is being so welcomed within mainstream fashion and media.

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