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New year, new look? Check top hairdresser Jim Shaw's tips out first!


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Are you thinking of trying out a fresh new look for the new year? Before you do anything drastic, drop the scissors and read on!

The National Student spoke to Jim Shaw who, as a winner of Hairdresser of the Year and hairstylist to the stars, has all the inside secrets on the biggest hair trends for 2014! He tells us how you lovely ladies and gents can easily transform your look this year, as well as giving some top tips on male grooming and how to keep you hair looking healthy all year long.

As a winner of Hairdresser of the Year, do you have any signature styles that clients come in and ask you for?

Certainly! My more popular signature styles as men’s hairdresser of the year are usually the precision cuts, which result in more dynamic styles, and barbering techniques with clean fades that don’t leave the hair too unkempt looking.

Are there any particular stylists that you look to for inspiration, or perhaps any particular eras or celebrities that influence your work?

I think sometimes it’s better to look forward than back. By the time an era or celebrity look is ‘in’, it can already be found pretty much everywhere, which can take the edge off the originality. I tend to look more towards fashion houses for inspiration, such as Dior, as you know they’ll be striving for something new and different, before it becomes overdone.

You’ve looked after the locks of a number of celebrity men and women; can you tell us who has the best hair to work with?

Ha ha, I’ll be diplomatic and tell you they’re all lovely! I’m really lucky, as all my celebrity clients trust me to do as I like with their hair. They know it’s all about suitability, and keeping them current, so I always make sure they’re going to be happy with the result, without staying in too much of a rut.

Holly Willoughby’s hair always looks pretty incredible; can you give the ladies any advice on how to keep their hair looking just as luscious over the harsh winter months?

Of course - using moisture enriched products seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do this and what a difference it makes. Also, regular cuts and treatments will leave the hair feeling glossy and remove any dry split-ends.

What are the hottest new hairdos for girls to try out for the new year? Are there any quick, simple ways to update your look, or more daring styles for those wanting a complete hair overhaul?

For girls, this year you’ll be pleased to know a fairly simple, low-maintenance look is in. Low-rise ponytails are due to be big in 2014, so if you’ve been putting off growing your hair out, now’s the time to give it a try! Also, mermaid-like loose waves will be a big spring/summer look. For the more daring, the cropped fringe will be a big trend to take on this year.

David Beckham always seems to top polls of celebrity hairstyles that men wish they had.  Which other celebrity styles do you find your male clients want to emulate at the moment?

I never thought I’d be saying this a few years back, but Gary Barlow! Guys find his look a very low maintenance one, yet it’s very much on trend and fits with a busy lifestyle.

Do you have any low-maintenance, everyday tips for men to keep their hair looking good on a daily basis?

It’s always good to experiment with products for your hair until you find something suitable, particularly if it eliminates the need for blow drying, which can damage the hair.

What are your top (reasonably easy!) hairstyles for men to try out for 2014?

Men’s hair in 2014 is getting longer, so the man bun is going to be popular. Some will be pleased to know that facial hair will still be a strong look, giving more of a boho vibe – just remember to keep it clean and reasonably groomed! 

A hot hairdo is all well and good, but well-groomed facial fuzz is clearly just as important! Not everybody wants a clean-shaven jaw line, so what are your top tips for keeping facial hair in good, soft condition, saving those on the receiving end from stubble rash?

Facial hair is probably the most versatile, fashionable and practical component for any man’s ensemble and good facial hair has the potential to change your look dramatically. Use professional oils for longer beards; keep shorter stubble well groomed and looking sharp, going back over areas every two to three days, and always keep The Adam’s Apple and below looking completely clean, as well as the top of the cheeks.

Shaving rash is a pretty common complaint amongst men; do you have any tips on how guys can avoid that annoying post-shave itch?

The best time to shave will be after a shower, when the steam has softened the beard, making it easier to shave. Always shave with the grain of the beard to avoid ingrown hairs. An electric shaver is a great tool to maintain most looks, especially those with interchangeable lengths. Using these more often is less likely to result in a rash or discomfort.

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