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Doctor Who style prediction: what will Peter Capaldi wear?

7th November 2013

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With Whovians the world over eagerly awaiting the 50th anniversary special on November 23rd, thoughts are turning to how Doctor Who will change post-regeneration. Peter Capaldi will step into the role after Matt Smith’s final episode this Christmas and there is growing speculation about what his character will be like.

Whilst we now know that he will keep his native Glaswegian accent for the role, the all-important costume is yet to be revealed. As Steven Moffat recently stated in an interview that ‘it’s really important that the actor chooses what makes him feel like the Doctor’, we’ve taken a look at Capaldi’s past fashion choices to predict what The Doctor’s next trend-setting outfit will be like.

Smart with a Hint of Eccentricity

Almost all past Doctors have added a touch of the unconventional to their outfits, letting their otherworldly side come out through a stick of celery, ridiculously long scarf or rather odd hat. We’re not certain that Capaldi’s ensemble will be quite as trailblazing as Matt Smith’s bow tie or David Tennant’s Converse trainers, but we see no reason why he shouldn’t add a touch of the unusual to his costume.

After his roles in The Thick of It and Torchwood - yes, the Doctor Who franchise does like to recycle actors - Capaldi is quite used to dressing smartly. He might opt for a simple shirt and trousers combination, with a waistcoat over the top and a cravat for a bit of sophistication. Perhaps he’ll bring back the pocket watch from the days of the Seventh and Eighth Doctors, which was briefly revisited by the Tenth Doctor when he locked up his Time Lord identity to avoid being tracked by the Family of Blood. The Twelfth Doctor’s smart and slightly eccentric outfit could be completed with a well-trimmed beard to highlight his more mature look.



























Accidental Hipster

Whilst we’re sure that any costume of The Doctor’s would be chosen for reasons of personal taste and never to follow ridiculous human trends, there is a chance that he might stumble out of his extensive wardrobe looking more than a little hipster. It’s easy these days to mistake a pretentious brogue or fake pair of glasses for a merely practical item, so we’d forgive Capaldi if he ended up looking like the long-lost member of Mumford and Sons.

A small role in World War Z, in which he somewhat eerily played a W.H.O Doctor, has already shown us that Capaldi isn’t adverse to a bit of knitwear. He may well continue his foray into the exciting world of wool with a cardigan, probably maroon, which would be set off beautifully by a checked shirt. If he’s feeling particularly dapper, he could finish off the look with some turned-up chinos, brogues without socks and an expensive vintage wristwatch that he swears he got from a flea market. Oh, and the moustache, of course, groomed into submission with wax and put on Instagram for the whole of time and space to see.




























Time Warp

With all that zipping about through history, The Doctor is bound to pick up a few fashion tips from other eras. Whilst we don’t think he’s ready for full-on Sontaran battle armour, there’s a decent chance that he has a few favourite human fashions that he’d like to try out. This approach was taken by the First and Eighth Doctors, but perhaps Capaldi might make things a bit more interesting by trying our several time periods all at once.

Having already done justice to a top hat in 2011 historical dramaThe Suspicions of Mr Whicher, Capaldi could opt for a hint of Victorian style once again. A top hat and cane would fit nicely with a crisp white shirt, maybe teamed with skinny jeans for a hint of 1970s punk. A velvet smoking jacket might add a touch of luxury to this ensemble and demonstrate the influence of his previous incarnations, whilst a clean shave and leather shoes would add a 21st century feel. Capaldi mustn’t forget his alien roots, though, so a sonic watch would be perfect to finish off the Time Lord’s time warp costume.


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