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New app to help students stay stylish when skint


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So, by now, freshers’ week is probably over for most students – and, for a fair few, the non-stop nights out mean you’ll already have worn pretty much every party outfit you own! If you hate being seen in the same thing twice, have a full wardrobe but ‘nothing to wear’ or just can’t afford to buy anything new (sound familiar?), fear not! A new free app is now at hand to help you stay fashionable for nights out when you’re low on cash.Fashionably Skint

Fashionably Skint is a social app that lets students borrow and lend clothes on campus.  Available to download now on both iPhone and Android devices, the app gives students a fresh and fun way to get something to wear for free, for a night out.

Users can add items to their wardrobe on the app by either taking a new photo (like a selfie) or uploading one from Facebook. You then tag the item (to specify its type, brand, colour and size) so fellow students can easily find something to wear using the app’s refined search functionality.

The app also has a messaging feature that enables users to communicate and arrange clothes swaps near them. After the item has been lent, borrowed and returned, users can rate their experience in a similar way to eBay.

Founder of Fashionably Skint, 26-year-old Graphic Design and Advertising graduate Amanda Baker, previously worked as a Junior Designer at Volume (one of the UK’s leading innovation agencies). Whilst working at Volume, Amanda approached CEO Chris Sykes with her idea and asked for help to bring it to life. Volume agreed to invest and the company has funded the development and build of her app.

It was Amanda’s own university experience that gave her the idea. She says: "As a student, money was always tight but the opportunity to go out partying was pretty much every night. As well as studying, partying is a big part of the university lifestyle, but being a typical girl, wearing the same dress more than once always seemed a bit cringe, especially when I had lots of photos posted on Facebook wearing it. Luckily, I lived with three fashionable girls so we always borrowed each other’s stuff. This saved me a lot of money and enabled me to go out more regularly."

With the rapid growth in consumer purchasing via mobile apps, Fashionably Skint offers a unique way to promote exclusive fashion discounts and drive traffic to retail partners’ mobile sites.

Amanda added: "I’m just excited to see how Fashionably Skint is used within the student market. This will determine a lot of things in regards to the business model and future developments of the app.

"Being skint doesn’t mean we can’t look awesome on a night out. If one hundred girls at (for example) the University of Reading upload five dresses each, that’s five hundred FREE dresses available to borrow on campus. There’s tons of free fashion right under our noses. Fashionably Skint will help us to discover it!

Download the Fashionably Skint app for free today at and get involved with the fashion revolution; make new friends, look incredible and save some money!

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