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Top 10 tips for sales shopping

26th February 2013

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Ever wished you could find the best high street bargains in an instant – rather than wading through racks of mismatched clothes come sales time?

Let us introduce you to, the revolutionary website that locates and curates every fashion and beauty sale on the high street and online - helping you make the most of you loan by explaining the ways to find all your fashion essentials. 

SalesGossip is the first ever tool that collects all information about sales direct from retailers and allows you to search and discover the sales according to your location, the brands you love or the outfits you’re hunting for - be it for your first job interview or a night out with friends.

Better still, SalesGossip updates its database of sales events and promotions daily, providing members with the most up to date resource for smart shopping.

SalesGossip’s top ten tips for sales shopping, compiled by co-founder Zabetta Camilleri, can be found below...
1.THE CLASSICS – Pick out classic pieces in the fashion sales. Start from the basics, and always go for versatile products that you can use during the day – pieces that allow you to go straight to the party without having to go home.
2. KEEP CHECKING – Keep monitoring the shops and brands you like. Just because that tailored dress is not on sale today it doesn’t mean that it won’t be in a few days time. Shops add new stock throughout the duration of the sale.
3. COMPETITONS – Do monitor the competitions that are online. This is a great chance to win vouchers, fashion items and special discounts.
4. MAKE IT MATCH – Whether you are going to buy a new jacket, a top or pair of trousers, be sure to get them in a colour that matches what already exist in your wardrobe.
5. ADDITIONS – Do get friendly with the word ‘accessorise’! Accessories help to recreate and renovate an outfit, without spending lots of money.
6. NOT JUST JANUARY – Don’t wait for seasonal sales. There are amazing promotions going on all the time. Check out for the latest updates.
7. TREATS – If you’ve just finished your exams, treat yourself to something you don’t really need. You might not need it right now, but it will make your day and hey - it’s 60% off!
8. DRESS TO IMPRESS – Don’t underestimate first impressions. When in doubt, it’s better to overdress than to under-dress. Different industries have different dress codes, so do some research before you start planning the perfect interview outfit. For example, consulting, law, finance: go for a simple but formal and smart. Media & fashion: Show your passion for fashion and don’t be afraid to highlight your individuality. Teaching: you need a classical look but one that isn’t too formal, as you will be working with young people!
9. INTERVIEW PREP – Preparing for your first job interview doesn’t mean that you need to buy everything new. Professionalise your student wardrobe with a new affordable smart shirt or a pair of tailored trousers.
10. STUDENT DISCOUNT – Last, but not least, don’t forget that over 100 of the best fashion retailers offer student discounts.

For more information visit the website.

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