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Campus Vogue: Off the Chain.


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Collars, heavy chains and even hoops are back with a vengeance but how to wear them is important, unless you want to look like an extra from Buffy the Vampire Slayer .

For a successful take on the trend, think Azelia Banks for fashion inspiration.

Chains and collars

It’s the brasher the better when selecting a chain this season.  Go for shiny, chavvy even, but then team when very little flesh on show, uniform colours and quite conservative clothing.  This look looks effortlessly cool but won’t drop you in to chav category either. Think Skinny jeans, oversized tee, leather jacket  and chain for a touch of glamour

Topshop: £10 medium chocker chain, £20 anchor style chain. H&M square bit chain £6.99


If you’re going to opt for hoops, don’t wear a necklace, but rings are still OK. Take a twist on hoops and go for Square hoops to stand out. Gold is better than silver if youre going to try and work this trend but remember to try and make the rest of your jewellery low key. Looks best with more casual outfits

Tie rack square hoops: £5.

H&M angle cut hoops £2.99.

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