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30th August 2012

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People really like celebrities. Some people like them a lot. And then there are people like Jonathan Gregory, who just want to be near them – a lot.

Rita OraIn his quest to find and follow celebs Jonathan’s time includes waiting around for hours on end outside concerts, to screaming hysterically at a Nicki Minaj concert resulting in a dance with her, to jumping in a taxi and shouting ‘follow that van’ to get in the vicinity of Conor Maynard.

He has put a lot of time, effort and money into getting some small moments with over 100 famous faces. I asked him about his life following the famous....

How did your interest in meeting celebrities start?

Well since I’ve been young I’ve always been interested in what celebrities do and just loved going to concerts and things. Then just over two years ago I met my first celebrity (the Saturdays) after trying to meet The Wanted. I just loved the little phase of excitement I got from meeting them and just wanted to meet more. So as I came to terms with how to meet celebrities, and as I’ve continued over the two years, I’ve just learnt different ways to meet them and it’s became more of a hobby than just an attempt.

Some would say that your interest in celebrities is classed as stalking. Would you agree?

I wouldn’t agree that my interest is classed as stalking, but I could easily see why some people’s attempts could be seen as 'stalking'. A lot of the times that I have met celebrities have been at concerts through meet and greets, as well as public signings for CD's and books that are planned by the celebrity themselves.

So you have met over 100 celebrities! Who would you say was the most memorable person you met?

Definitely Nicki Minaj. She picked fans out of the crowd to join her on stage to sing with her at her concert and I was lucky enough to be picked, going onto that stage and getting to hug one off my favourite people and seeing all the people in the arena staring at me will literally stay with me forever, best experience of my life!

So how many concerts have you attended?

Erm … like around 30 odd I’d say.

And who would you say was the best live?

Erm… I’d have to say The Wanted, they’re a band that loves to interact with their fans and try out some funny stuff! They get the crowds adrenaline running every time and it’s such a great atmosphere seeing so many people having so much fun!

Sounds like fun! So who is your favourite celebrity?

Zac Efron is one of my favourite actors ever and i just can’t wait for the day that I get the chance to meet him!

You have met many of the same celebs a number of times. Do some know you by name now?

The Wanted and One Direction do, just from them knowing I’ve been a fan for a long time and they've seen my face a lot since then!

To what extent HAVE you gone and WOULD you go to see one of your favourite celebs?

I’ve camped out for signings to get wristbands to make sure I’ve got the chance to meet them, and sold most of my possessions to get money to go see them. I can’t really think what else I can do to be honest, just spend more time in a tent outside I’m guessing!

MarcusSo do you travel long distances to meet celebrities or do you mostly wait for them to go places near you?

Normally I’ve just waited for them to come close, mainly Liverpool as saving up for trips costs a lot. But when I get older, and get a job and have a bit more time on my hands after college I’ll be able to go to bigger places and meet bigger people!

Like Zac Efron! Who is the nicest and who is the nastiest celeb you have met?

The nicest is definitely The Wanted they have so much time for their fans and try their best to meet them, and the nastiest, I’d say, was most probably Drake. We had waited so long just for him to walk past us, there weren’t many fans there waiting and he wasn’t running late, so I just don’t understand why he couldn’t stop to get pictures with us.

OK. So last question…what advice would you give to people who are interested in meeting celebs like you have but just don’t have the money to follow it through?

I’d just say the best thing to do is to keep track on twitter, celebrities nowadays tweet their every move on there! And they normally tweet about competitions they may be holding giving fans the chance to meet them, it’s been a great help for me over the past few years!

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