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Top 10 most embarrassing celebrity parents

13th July 2012

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Embarrassing your children is a parent’s prerogative, but some celebrities take it to the extreme. Here are the top 10 offenders who regularly leave their little darlings hiding their faces in the corner. Take note of our commandments, celebrities. 
1. Madonna- I must act my age.
Picture this. You’re 15 and want to go to a party. But mum’s coming with you and wears something that she definitely shouldn’t be wearing at the age of 52. Added to this, she brings along her 20-something year old boyfriend, encourages you to design a clothes range with her and purposefully flashes a nipple whilst on stage. Talk about being the centre of attention. 

2. Charlie Sheen- I must stop my erratic behaviour. 


Isn’t it annoying when you go on holiday to New York and then your dad trashes the hotel room? That’s exactly what happened to Sheen’s daughters in 2010 and since then they’ve had to endure their father having a very public meltdown. Tiger blood? Dad, what the hell are you on about? 

3. Katie Price- I must not pose all the time. 

One moment she’s a model, the next an author. You have to keep up with Katie as she swaps jobs about as much as she gets a new man. But through all this, she is consistently embarrassing with her sultry poses, horrific singing on TV and a wedding more suited to her 5-year-daughter's dressing up box. Who is called Princess by the way. Enough said.  

4. Michael and Dina Lohan- Children don’t want clingy parents. 

Always one step behind daughter Lindsay, they persistently follow her, defend her and cash in on her success. Both have made money through a dial-a-star service, whilst Michael has also been arrested for domestic violence. Not exactly helping, are they? 

5. Tom Cruise- Being over-the-top is embarrassing. 

In 2005, Cruise’s adopted children had to get on with their daily lives knowing that everyone was laughing at their father. Tom jumped on Oprah’s couch like a giddy little school boy whilst expressing his un-dying love for Katie Holmes. Cringe. 

6. Kerry Katona- One can have too many dramas. 

I used to like this bubbly blonde from Atomic Kitten, but since then it’s been one embarrassment after another. Kerry slurred her way through This Morning, got dropped by Iceland after a drugs scandal and was then declared bankrupt. Not what you want to hear on the way home from school.  

7. Mel Gibson- I must not rant uncontrollably. 

It must be cool having a dad who played William Wallace and Mad Max, but then maybe not so cool when he starts ranting about Jews, women and gay people. Please Dad, just stop talking. 

8. Sarah Palin- People are laughing for the wrong reasons. 

I love correcting my parents but sometimes Sarah Palin’s children must wonder why they even bother. She’s a successful woman in politics but still seems to believe that ‘refudiate’ is a word and embarrassingly asked ‘Do we use the term intervention? Do we use war? Do we use squirmish?’ Gve the woman a dictionary. 

9. Melanie Sykes- I must not reveal too much about my sex life. 

Earlier this year, the presenter’s love life was plastered all over the internet. But she only had herself to blame after tweeting racy messages to her boyfriend. Poor Roman and Valentine - they did not want to know that their 41-year-old mother had 'the giddiest knickers of my life.' 

10. Davina McCall- Calm down a bit. 

I wonder whether Davina is as animated at home, as she is on our screens. For years we’ve seen her get incredibly excited outside the Big Brother house and she got even more ecstatic when she locked lips with David Tennant on Comic Relief. She may be lucky, but the woman has no shame. 

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