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Freshers' Week: being tee total is not the be all and end all


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Freshers is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for all students. Not only are you having your first taste of adulthood, but you are mixing with many new people, as well as taking on a degree.

With this in mind, the first few weeks are filled with chaos and trying to find your feet. Something that not many people speak about is how students that are tee total can make the most of their Freshers' week and beyond.

The weeks leading up to moving to Worcester and beginning the new chapter in my life were filled with increasing apprehension about how the first few weeks were going to plan out, being tee total myself.

So, here are some tips in making the start of your university experiences memorable without the pressure of student drinking culture:

1. Embrace the induction activities that your course and university are providing.

Socialising and drinking seem to play hand in hand during Freshers, but it is only one of many ways in which you can find confidence and make many life long friends. Taking full advantage of the activities available that are being provided during Freshers allows you to not only find out more about what the next few years hold, but also enables you to socialise with other students without the pressure of alcohol.

2. Involve yourself with the opportunities available throughout university and in the community, both voluntary and paid.

Now, this may seem a bit boring, however, you will be surprised how much your CV and networking, both socially and professionally, can benefit from taking the opportunity to gather information about the range of extracurricular activities and work available for students.

Your University's Freshers Fair will promote many of these opportunities. Finding your passions and aspirations whilst at university is exceptionally important, while developing yourself and making many friends through these experiences can be highly worthwhile. If there is any time for you to find who you are, this is it!

3. Remember that you will enjoy social activities at university, regardless of whether you consume alcohol or not!

There is always that concern that there will be peer pressure to drink and that you will be criticised if you do not. What I found during Freshers is that it is not exactly true. In fact, you will likely be surprised by how chilled most students are about your choices. Especially within such diverse communities within the UK, the majority of people do not make a big deal out of you not drinking.

What is important is that you have fun and that you are surrounded by people that you are comfortable with and that make your university experience exceptional. So enjoy, and be yourself always!

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