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Do I have a drinking problem?

13th June 2013

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The university environment makes it particularly easy for students to develop a drinking problem.

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The cheap alcohol, frequent club socials and student nights mean that alcohol often becomes the first port of call for students in their spare time.

However, the level of alcohol consumption is not an issue that many students wish to examine or acknowledge.

Here are some of the signs that show you or a friend could be struggling with alcohol:

  • Feeling that you should cut down on your own alcohol consumption.
  • Getting annoyed at others criticising you for how much you are drinking.
  • Feeling like you need a drink to get rid of a hangover or steady your nerves.
  • If you begin to miss appointments due to your use of alcohol such as lectures, hangovers or exams.
  • If you regularly exceed the NHS recommended daily limits for alcohol consumption (3-4 units for men, 2-3 units for women).
  • If you regularly go through a week without having alcohol-free days.
Students should enjoy their time at university and embrace the social side of the experience. However it is all too easy to fall into a routine where casual drinking on a daily basis becomes the norm which can have significant negative effects for a student’s health and fitness.

It can develop into a serious issue and students should try to monitor their own intake and that of those around them carefully.

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