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How to Stay Safe on Nights Out

19th April 2013

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It's the last few weeks before everyone disappears home for the summer holidays. You're going to want to make the most of it, and that can only mean one thing - partying. Follow these seven tips to make sure you end it with yourself, your possessions and your friends intact. 

1. Pace yourself

Sounds obvious, but you really, really don’t want to be that guy or that girl. You know, the one necks a whole bottle of vodka then pulls a disappearing act an hour into the night. Or the one who falls asleep in a club toilet, using the loo for a pillow. Or the one who spews up in the taxi, resulting in everyone getting kicked out onto the side of the motorway. Just take it easy.

2. Watch your drink

Watch it being poured, keep it in your hand and get friends to keep an eye on it. You have no idea what could be slipped in there, and it’s probably not going to be an extra shot of your favourite tipple. Just don’t let it out of your sight, m’kay? 

3. Stick together

Use the lyrics of The Velvet Underground as your mantra when out with a friend who’s somewhat overindulged; “I’m stickin with you, cause I’m made out of glue”. Don’t let your pal out of your sight, especially not in the company of strangers. Get them some water, some air and a cab home. If things get really bad, put them into the recovery position and phone for a paramedic. They’ll thank you for it.

4. Don’t take lifts from people who have been drinking

Drinking and driving go together like sambuca and 9am tutorials – it should just never happen. As I’m sure you know, drinking slows down reactions, causing thousands of deaths on the roads per year. It might seem easy just to take a lift home from someone after the pub, but trust me, it will be a lot more hassle if you wake up in hospital or worse, don’t wake up at all.

5. Keep emergency money aside for a taxi fare

Yes you’re on a budget and gliding in and out of black cabs isn’t really the student way. But take out an extra tenner at the start of the semester and hide it away in the back of your wallet, (safe from the inevitable temptation when someone shouts “shots!”). Hopefully you’ll never need it, but it’s a nice feeling of security to know that if the worst happens, you have a backup way of getting home safely. Just jump in a taxi without having to scramble to find a cash machine (always most elusive at the worst possible moments). 

6. If you take public transport, sit near the front or in a carriage with others

If you’re hopping on a tram, train or bus to magically transport you home to the comfort of your bed, try and sit near other people. There’s nothing spookier than being alone in a carriage or way at the back of a bus on your own, and it makes you vulnerable and an easy target. The more people around you, the more people to look out for you. If you feel uncomfortable, move or alert the driver.

7. Take flats 

There’s nothing more tragic than walking home in ripped tights and a dress, cradling your beautiful shoes in your arms… A pair of ballet pumps in your bag will save you the humiliation, and your poor feet the pain.

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