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Interview: Marcel Lucont


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Marcel Lucont is a self-ordained ‘raconteur’ of the alternative comedy scene.

It’s a not-so-closely-guarded secret that Marcel’s real name is Alexis Dubus, but all of his comedy is delivered as the rakish French gentlemen, Marcel Lucont.

When The National Student spoke to him about his new tour it was very much the cynical and arresting Marcel that was present and not Alexis, the Warwick graduate and student of clowning.

Marcel’s occasionally abrasive on-stage persona is as entertaining as it is unusual; he told us about a night when it had diminished his chances of becoming a crowd favourite…

“I was booked to perform at a strip club in Northampton some years ago at what was billed as a cabaret night. However, I am not sure the audience knew this was the case and were simply waiting for tits. Before I had reached the microphone a fat, angry man shouted “Do you remember Agincourt?” I assured him that, while I personally did not remember a 15th century battle, it’s possibly his mother did. The evening continued in a similar way.”

Despite insisting, with characteristic awkwardness, that his favourite source of material is ‘silkworms’ much of Marcel’s material is an observation of British culture. He assured us that his favourite aspect of British culture in 2017 is “the sense of unity and contentment” but we suspect sincerity may have been lacking.

Marcel is currently touring his show ‘Marcel Lucont’s Whine List’ all over the UK and will also be returning to the spiritual home of British comedy this summer, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

He spoke ponderously on some of the destinations his tour will take in and reaffirmed a love for Scotland’s capital city, where he has received critical acclaim in the past.

“Edinburgh is always enjoyable and I know the alcohol provided will be of high quality. There is one town on this year’s tour named “Crawley.” As an adjective it reminds me of insects, or worse, babies. As a town I am yet to have an opinion.”

In his typical Francophile styling Marcel dug deep into the difference between England and Scotland, as he sees it…

“The Scottish are far more progressive as a society and seem to take on board my criticisms and suggestions, whereas the English still seem to maintain an insular, colonialist attitude, especially towards the French, who they describe as ‘arrogant,’ when what they mean is ‘better’.”

Never one to worry about getting a few backs up, Marcel’s divisive, driving comedic style is endlessly appealing and will have you scoffing, laughing and maybe even spitting a bit of your drink out. You can’t say you weren’t warned.

Equally worth a warning though: Marcel’s isn’t a show to be missed.

“Marcel Lucont’s Whine List is a kind of group therapy session, but one where everybody will probably leave more depressed. Eager to cash in on humanity’s obsessions with narcissistic self-help, Marcel offers his audiences the opportunity to air their gripes… Expect louche musings, deadpan wit and Gallic superiority.”

He’s got some typically obtuse plans for after the tour too…

“I shall be playing some British music festivals and the final two weeks of Edinburgh Fringe, then faking my own death, vanishing to a remote island and returning in 10 years to see if civilisation has decided to become civilised or simply imploded.”

Catch Marcel Lucont’s Whine List at the following venues…

Sun May 14th

7.30pm – Komedia, Brighton, UK (20 mins)

Tue May 16th

8pm – Laugh Out London, Tooting, London, UK (30 mins)

Thur May 18th

8pm – MARCEL LUCONT’S WHINE LIST, New Greenham Arts, Newbury, UK (90 mins)

Fri May 19th

8pm – MARCEL LUCONT’S WHINE LIST, The Hawth, Crawley UK (90 mins)

Sat May 20th

9pm – MARCEL LUCONT’S CABARET FANTASTIQUE, Live At Zédel, Soho, London, UK (90 mins)

11.30pm – Set List, Soho Theatre, London, UK (10 mins)

Mon May 22nd

8.30pm – MARCEL LUCONT’S WHINE LIST, The Stand, Newcastle, UK (90 mins)

Tue May 23rd

8pm – MARCEL LUCONT’S WHINE LIST, Comedy Box Festival, Stavanger, NORWAY (60 mins)

Wed May 24th

10pm – Late Show, Comedy Box Festival, Stavanger, NORWAY (20 mins)

Fri May 26th

8pm – MARCEL LUCONT’S WHINE LIST, Artrix, Bromsgrove, UK (90 mins)

Sat May 27th

8pm – MARCEL LUCONT’S WHINE LIST, Maltings, Farnham, UK (90 mins)

Wed May 31st

8pm – MARCEL LUCONT’S WHINE LIST, The Wardrobe, Leeds Comedy Festival, UK (90 mins)

Sun June 185h


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