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Edinburgh Fringe 2011: Glenn Wool


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Initially loud and abrasive, Glenn Wool’s show is not for the fainthearted. Over the course of an hour Wool wins over the audience with ease and treats the crowd to a number of gags that in less capable hands would be tasteless and crude.

No Man’s Land follows Wool’s story as he tells of trips around the world including a festival in Belgium and catching something thoroughly unpleasant whilst in Australia. His first anecdote ends on a cliff hanger whilst the rest of the show offers hypothetical solutions, the audience are on tenterhooks and eager to see how this comedic story resolves.

Being Canadian, Wool is no stranger to jokes and stereotypes but he handles each with grace and style whilst offering up a few acute observations of his own. A long-term comedy circuit member, Wool was tempted by Hollywood but ultimately ends up travelling the world for three years which provides the basis of his fringe show. A die hard Iron Maiden fan, his story involving Belgian beer, Iron Maiden, his other half and the lady who pays everybody was one of the highlights of this performance.

Full of laughs from start to finish, Wool surprises with his deft ability to tell stories and this is one I would definitely recommend. 


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