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Edinburgh Fringe 2011: Ed Byrne


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Playing in the EICC, Ed Byrne’s show Crowd Pleaser felt a million miles away from the wee pubs and clubs that one usually sees stand-up comedy at the fringe in. 

A plush venue with the capacity for a large audience, the EICC lit up the moment Byrne took to the stage and regaled the audience with anecdotes about everything from cat’s, his wife and Star Trek.

Ed Byrne’s command of the stage seems effortless and his material is hilarious and so accurate it makes you squirm. Byrne brings out a pint with him on stage and sips it throughout the show lending the performance a relaxed feel and reminding the audience of the wee pubs and clubs in which Byrne started.

Byrne delivers jokes about his wife and her pregnancy with great effect and tells the audience of the menagerie of dead animals that their adopted cat brings home. From a bat to a peahen, the audience are in stitches hearing about Byrne’s home life.  

In a more showbiz turn, Byrne tells of the time that he met Paul Winfield of Star Trek fame and asks the audience about times they’ve met celebrities who turned out to be idiots in real life. Showing the audience that he is as quick and funny on his feet as he is with his prepared material, Byrne has the audience laughing along and sharing in his indignation at meeting an actor from a favoured film of his.

An incredible show, Byrne is a top of the bill act for a reason and this show is most definitely a crowd pleaser. 

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