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Edinburgh Fringe 2011: Rayguns Look Real Enough


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Rayguns Look Real Enough are a dynamic duo called Ryan Beange and Paul Flannery, or to use their stage names, Ray Gunn and Luke Reel. Rayguns are their name and musical comedy is their game.

Rayguns Are Real EnoughBetter musicians than comedians, one wears copious amounts of guyliner whilst the other dresses top to toe as a tiger, a bit gimmicky for some but once the music kicks in it’s difficult to not bop to the infectious beat.

A loose plot stringing the show along is amusing enough, and a particularly interesting impression of a rug is worth mentioning, but gags you can see coming a mile off would not hold sway if this were to be only a comedy show.

However, cleverly interlaced mash-ups and skilled guitar and tambourine playing move everything along and tight harmonies throughout really lift the atmosphere as the duo play through songs from the charts all the way to past children’s television themes.

Rayguns Look Real Enough appear to be nice enough chaps and are obviously having a ball on the stage and the audience can’t help but have fun and join them on their musical ride. Enjoyable, but definitely moreso for the music than the comedy.

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