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Edinburgh Fringe 2011: Jay Foreman


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A slim, unassuming chap, Jay Foreman manages to command the stage and the audience equally well in his show We’re Living in the Future.jay foreman

The premise of his show being that, well, we are living in the future. Foreman reveals that prior to the show he tweets his followers asking them for examples that indicate we are actually living in the future. Ten of them are folded up on chairs and if you sit on one Foreman invites you to read it out loud and proceeds to deliver material and songs on that subject.

The audience participation aspect brings the audience onside and fosters an intimate atmosphere in an already intimate venue. A skilled guitarist, some of Foreman’s songs hit the funny bone more squarely than others but his catchy melodies and interesting riffs ensure that even if you are not laughing the atmosphere is still merry and enjoyable.

Many pop culture references are littered throughout the show with subject matter such as Michael Jackson, Back to the Future, Angry Birds and the Beatles featuring prominently. Foreman goes so far as to sing a song informing us of why it is actually a good thing that John Lennon died.

Gems like ‘David Mitchell, David Mitchell will replace Stephen Fry when he dies’ and being told that the events of Back to the Future 2 take place only four years from now endear the audience to the nostalgia of Foreman’s performance.

There were no belly laughs from me but altogether an enjoyable show. 


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