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Edinburgh Fringe 2011: Dave Gibson and Charlie Talbot


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Dave Gibson and Charlie Talbot perform their show with vim, vigour and plenty of charisma. Stereotypes about different places in Britain litter the show from start to finish and with town name based puns galore the audience are in for a ride with Battle of Britain: North vs. South.

david gibson and charlie talbot

In this Battle of Britain, Dave passionately argues the case for pies, shell suits and Coronation Street w hilst Charlie equally passionately argues the case for ponces, The Queen and Eastenders.

Different rounds consisting of food, music and how desirable an accent is are voted upon by the audience who are given upon arrival a red card indicating North, a blue card indicating South and a bingo sheet.

One of the first things the audience does is decide where the physical division is on a large map of Britain and we are informed that this changes day to day depending on the audience with one audience placing the divide so high that Manchester was in the South.

Being Northern born and bred, I surprised myself by voting with the South on more than one occasion but the audience participation doesn’t stop there. Members are invited up for karaoke, dancing and distinctly memorable turns as Angie from Eastenders and Bette Lynch from Coronation Street.

The show takes place in a tiny, stuffy room and although Dave Gibson and Charlie Talbot are appealing hosts, the premise is trite and unfortunately not strong enough to elevate this to more than a reasonable show. 


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