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Comedy and Stuff at Chester Students' Union.

13th February 2011

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Chester Students' Union bar, CH1, welcomed the return of Danny McLoughlin kicking off his home-grown ‘Comedy and Stuff’ in typically hilarious fashion. Despite claims of having a lazy Sunday, Danny was soon exercising our chuckle muscles with his ever popular brand of understated observational humour.

A gift from the Gods of comedy landed the event on the same night as the Superbowl, leaving one fan in a Rams jersey wide open for abuse. Danny asked this ‘NFL Jesus’ if he would be: “converting all these people with a big foam finger after the show.” Danny went on to offer his opinion of the sport: “It’s like a buffet, it feels amazing when you sit down to watch it, but as soon as it’s over you’re just left with regret.”

Danny’s set was followed by Stockport funny man Mike Newall, who delivered a barrage dead pan anecdotes. Mike used the opportunity as you might a trip to the therapist, telling us about the time he put on three stone in a month after agreeing with his mates that they would go for a curry after nights out if they failed to pull. He then revealed how he occasionally goes to Stockport County games with his ‘scumbag’ brother: “just for the crack. He loves crack.”

Exhibiting a good understanding of his audience, Mike closed his set with an anecdote about safe sex campaigns, saying: “I saw an advert for STDs the other day. Well, not so much an advert. That would be a bit weird wouldn’t it? ‘Get them from Stacey on check out four, two for one.’ The thing is, the girl on the poster was gorgeous, even with the word Gonorrhea written on her pants you wouldn’t say no.”

The night was rounded off by Gavin Webster, the self-proclaimed working class hero and master of ‘proper jokes’, returning to ‘Comedy and Stuff’ after headlining at the first event. Arriving on stage, Gavin told us in a thick Geordie accent that: “It’s lovely to be back here in Chester, capital of the Chester area. I’m from America. Not really, that was a joke. It’s why we’re here.” Gavin describes himself as mixed-race, on account of his mum being a woman and his dad being a bloke. He re-assured us that he was all for respecting women, cheekily saying: ‘My wife asked me to treat her like a real woman, so I put her on low wages. Only joking, I wouldn’t demean women. I own one.”

Gavin was happy to explore more controversial subject matter, describing himself as: “The kind of wanker who takes pain killers and operates machinery.” His blend of traditional ‘jokes’ and abstract comedy was perfectly balanced, with punch-lines about swimming pool attendants struggling with the concept of entropy, pandas on income support, and ukulele dirty bombs.

            ‘Comedy and Stuff’ will return to CH1 on March 20. Tickets £2 in advance, or £3 on the door.


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